How Old Is Miura Golf?

How Old Is Miura Golf?

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  • Why Is Himeji Miura's Home Base?

    February 21 2020 – Bill Holowaty

    Why Is Himeji Miura's Home Base?

    All of Miura’s clubs are designed and hand-forged at the renowned Miura factory in Himeji, Japan. Part of the Kansai region, Himeji is widely known for being home to Himeji Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has stayed standing for over 400 years.  Led by Katsuhiro Miura and his then 40 years of club forging experience, the...

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  • Who Is Katsuhiro Miura?

    February 27 2019 – Bill Holowaty

    Who Is Katsuhiro Miura?

    Katsuhiro Miura, our founder, and namesake, is the creator and innovator of our one of a kind clubs. In 1958, Miura stumbled into his passion for club making when he worked for Morita Golf. This experience provided vital insights into the process of manufacturing golf clubs: specifically, how to grind and adjust irons. He learned by doing and watching the...

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  • Miura - The Perfect Golf Club | Adventures in Golf Season 3

    December 11 2018 – Bill Holowaty

    Miura - The Perfect Golf Club | Adventures in Golf Season 3

    The Miura story is a tale as unique as the revered clubs we create. Present through our processes and rich history, the Miura story is one of incredible passion, precise craftsmanship, and the lasting legacy of family. 

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  • The Mastery of Miura

    October 31 2018 – Bill Holowaty

    The Mastery of Miura

    The Mastery of MiuraThe Japanese term for one of a kind is yuiitsu muni. That description is apropos for Japan-based Miura Golf. Ever since Katsuhiro Miura started molding club irons — harkening to the days of Sam Snead and Ben Hogan — his undeniable imprint has been left on golf. Pioneer, innovator, trailblazer, fill-in-the-Thesaurus blank all apply. A world-renowned craftsman,...

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  • Miura Officially Debuts Documentary on March 19th

    March 19 2018 – Bill Holowaty

    Miura Officially Debuts Documentary on March 19th

    The inside story behind one of golf's most iconic and mysterious brands is about to be unveiled with the release of the film documentary, Discovering Perfection: The Miura Story, being digitally distributed on March 19, 2018

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