Top Miura Irons for Game Improvement in 2023

If you thought that the terms Miura and game improvement would not be paired together, think again. Miura golf irons are created for golfers. More specifically, golfers who care about looks, feel, precision, and the history of the game. Whether you are a low or high handicapper will not impact your ability to find a great-feeling iron that gives you incredible control over the golf ball. Let's look at the best Miura game improvement irons of 2023.


The PI-401 is a cavity back iron that is considered the most forgiving of any Miura golf irons. The incredible forgiveness in the PI-401 is matched by quite a bit of distance. Stronger lofts, a lower center of gravity, and still that Miura feel that golfers have come to expect will set the PI-401 apart from other game-improvement golf irons.

The face of the PI-401 irons is made from premium S35C Carbon Steel, and the body is 8620 Soft steel. The ability for players to hit precise shots with high ball flight is certainly possible with the PI-401 in hand.


The TC-201 offers muscle back performance in a cavity back-style golf iron. The TC-201 features a low center of gravity in the long irons. Increasing forgiveness as the loft lowers is a classic sign of a forgiving cavity-back golf club.

Players that use the TC-201 enjoy a more controlled trajectory on short shots and high ball flight on the longer irons to help promote more distance. From the top down, the TC-201 has very little offset, making it a great-looking club.


The CB-302 is a brand new release from Miura that optimized weight distribution based on the loft of the club. The Miura CB-302 is made with a soft carbon steel and delivers a penetrating ball flight while still promoting maximum forgiveness.

One of the most interesting features of the CB-302 is the fact that Shinei Miura wanted golfers who play game improvement irons to be able to keep the ball flight down, and stay more in control. This is truly revolutionary in the game improvement category.

At Miura, we like to say that the CB-302 is designed for all handicap levels, making it a perfect choice for golfers looking to improve their game or make some changes in 2023.


The MC-502 golf irons are one of the newest releases from Miura. As you may have already heard, Miura is in constant pursuit of perfection, looking to create a golf club with a larger sweet spot, players' look, less offset, and the ability to control the ball flight.

With the MC-502 being designed for golfers of all abilities, you won't have to worry about your golf handicap when putting an MC-502 in the bag. In addition, the MC-502 gives players that impressive Miura turf interaction that you can only rely on from the Miura brand.

Final Thoughts

Although Miura may have been originally considered the manufacturer of the most premium blade irons in the game, we have since expanded to making irons for any player. Whether you are a 20 handicap looking for a full set of game improvement or a 2 handicap that wants a forgiving 4 and 5 iron, there are solutions in the 2023 Miura lineup to suit any player's needs.

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