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As the Miura golf product line has grown, so has the number of players interested in putting a Miura golf club in their bag. However, even with the versatility of each individual iron in the Miura line, there are times when different technology is needed in the long and short irons. Golfers have several reasons for this ranging from distance to forgiveness to workability. Here are some of the most common Miura combo sets we have seen.

How Do Miura Combo Sets Work?

With a Miura combo set, you will place an order for one set of irons that matches the needs of your short game and another set that matches the needs of your long game. Most of the combo sets that we see split at the six iron. For instance, you may have a TC 201 for your 4, 5, and 6 iron. The rest of the set would be the MB 101 in the 7, 8, and 9 iron.

Miura combo sets allow for customized performance on the golf course.

Miura Combo Set Options

There is no limit to the Miura combo set options that you can create. However, certain sets tend to flow well with each other from a looks and loft standpoint. Here are a few of the most common options we see.

MB-101 & TC-201

The MB-101 is a beautiful forged blade style iron with impressive workability. If your short game is ready to attack pins, this is the club you will want in the bag. The TC-201 offers muscle back performance with similar forgiveness to a cavity back. The TC-201 allows for higher and more distance-enhancing shots where you need them the most.

MC-502 & TC-201

The TC-201 gives muscle back performance, lower trajectory, and more control even on longer shots; it's a very popular option for long irons, even in the best players. MC-502 is an easy-to-align golf iron with confidence-inducing properties and playability. The MC-502 gives you that muscle cavity performance and less offset for the golfers who need it.

MC-502 & CB-302

MC-502 helps you keep the ball more controlled in the short game, and the CB-302 is the longest forged cavity back that Miura has ever created. Having that extra distance and forgiveness in the long irons is a tremendous positive for any mid-handicap golfer.

TC-201 & PI-401

If you haven't already noticed, the TC-201 is one of the most versatile selections for Miura combo sets. Combining the TC-201 with the PI-401 gives golfers the ability to score in the short game and keep it in play in the long game. This is a great selection for the mid handicap to high handicap player.

Final Thoughts

The Miura combo set that you choose can be personalized to match the needs of your game. These options featured here are some of the most common, but this should not limit you in any way. Think about where your game thrives and where you struggle, and find the MIura iron that can support your goals on the course.

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