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Miura Iron Selector Tool: 20 Handicap Golfer Case Study

Golfers with a 20 handicap have often overlooked Miura irons thinking that there are no options with enough forgiveness and consistency to support a higher handicapper. Luckily, this is not...

Golfers with a 20 handicap have often overlooked Miura irons thinking that there are no options with enough forgiveness and consistency to support a higher handicapper. Luckily, this is not the case. Through the years, Miura has expected its product offering to encourage a greater population of golfers to be able to use a Miura iron. We recently did a case study with a 20 handicap golfer to see which irons the Miura iron selector tool would recommend. If you are a player in this handicap range, here are two irons that could benefit your game.

20 Handicap Golfer Miura Iron Selector Tool

With a 20 handicap golfer, the focus must be on forgiveness while keeping distance in mind. Twenty handicapped golfers often have trouble with consistency, and many are completely unaware of what a great feeling iron even is. For this particular study, we were looking for a combination of performance, something with a bit of control, and certainly that Miura feel.


The PI-401 is the first result that the Miura Iron Selector tool gave. This is a cavity back design that Shinei Miura, the eldest son of Miura, decided would be a good decision to market. The club offers some impressive forgiveness and ensures modern distances.

The PI-401 is made with an 8620 Soft Steel body and a Premium S35C Carbon Steel Face. The combination of materials helps to give the iron more of the Miura feel while still improving overall performance for the player.

With a PI-401 golf iron, the 20 handicap golfer can still lower their handicap and venture into the mid handicap range feeling like they have a club that will still benefit their needs on the course.



The CB-302 is a golf club that combines cutting-edge technology with a refined design, setting a whole new standard for your game. This remarkable club reflects Miura's commitment to excellence, offering outstanding forgiveness and unmatched craftsmanship, specifically designed to enhance your experience on the course.

Engineered with precise camber, thoughtful relief on both the leading and trailing edges, and the iconic Y grind, the CB-302 is designed to accommodate golfers with varying swing styles, including those of us with a 20 handicap. It's a game-changing club that can improve your performance and underscores Miura's dedication to making golf more enjoyable for all players.

The CB-302's perfect blend of form and function showcases Miura's legacy of creating clubs that not only look great but also deliver outstanding performance. The Miura CB-302 iron embodies both forgiveness and elegance, ensuring a more enjoyable experience on the golf course.



The TC-201 is a bit less of a game improvement club than the PI-401. This would be for a player who still wants the muscle back design but needs some extra forgiveness in the shots they hit.

The goal of the TC-201 was to increase forgiveness on the longer shots while improving feel and accuracy of the shorter shots. For golfers that have a hard time with a five or six iron, there is progressive sole weighting to improve the overall center of gravity.

In addition, players notice that the TC-201 will help with feedback. Some of the problems with modern-day game improvement irons are that they help misses feel better. The problem, of course, is that players can’t learn and adjust to their mistakes.

With the TC-201, you will quickly learn what works in your swing and what is not.


Although the PI-401 is certainly a club designed for the 20-handicap golfer, there are options out there with the TC-201, CB-302, and even the KM-700. The bottom line is that regardless of your handicap, there are Miura irons out there for every player. As your game changes, you will have no trouble finding your next set of Miura irons to transition into.


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