Miura Holiday Golf Gifts Under $100

Golfers that love Miura know how much we care about accessory and gear options that are both high quality and affordable. Although Miura golf clubs may not fit in your under $100 budget, there are some great options that will.

Miura Bucket Hat

The Miura Bucket Hat is the perfect way to protect your head from the sun all year long. With a Ripstop Nylon fabric and SPF 50 Sun Protection, the Miura Bucket hat looks great, feels great, and falls in the under $100 category for your shopping this year.

Waves Towel

The Waves Towel is a brand new release to the Miura lineup. The waves on this towel are significant to Japanese culture and symbolize transformation and perpetual motion. The Waves Towel is a premium ribbed microfiber fabric, and it is built to last. If you want to keep your Miura irons and wedges looking new, this towel can do it.

Fuji Tee

The Miura Fuji Tee Logo shirt is the latest release in the t-shirt collection from Miura. With the Mount Fuji logo on the shirt and both gray and navy available, this is a perfect option for off-the-course casual wear. The shirt is made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester for a durable and long lasting combination.

Setting Sun Hoodie

The Setting Sun Hoodie will fall just below your $100 budget for a Miura golf gift. This hoodie is made with an anti-pill fleece material and is very easy to take care of. With a combination of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, this will be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing in your closet.

Boro Umbrella

The Boro Umbrella features a quilting method that was originally invented in Japan. The fabrics used in this umbrella are pieced together to create both functionality and a beautiful design. The Boro Umbrella allows for 60” of coverage from the rain and a double sided printed single canopy umbrella. This premium option will match beautifully with a Miura golf bag.

Miura Golf Glove

Offered in 6 sizes from small to XXL, the Miura Golf Glove from North Coast Golf Company is a premium Cabretta leather golf glove. You will find that this glove conforms perfectly to the fit of your hand, and it features a premium feel and performance. In addition, the material is lightweight and breathable for year-round functionality and performance.

Blade Divot Tool

One of our top accessories in 2022 was the Blade Divot Tool. The Miura forging process and Samurai sword making have been known to be very closely related. The Blade Divot tool is a unique product and will show your support and belief in the Miura brand and tradition.

Miura Wood Headcover

Although Miura does not make woods or hybrids, it doesn’t mean you won’t want to represent Miura throughout the entire golf bag. The Miura Wood Headcover is a classic style with a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid option to choose from. This is a black headcover with white detail.

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