Are Any Miura Irons Forgiving?

If you have been considering Miura irons but are worried about playing with an unforgiving blade, don’t be. Miura irons have made great strides in the last few years to accommodate the higher handicapper and provide larger sweet spots. The combination of premium materials, feedback, and impressive feel will help some of these Miura irons stand out from others.

Which Miura Irons Are Forgiving?

An iron that properly fits your needs is the best choice for your game. This means that if a higher handicapper player wants to play with a forged blade, they can. There are, however, certain features of a golf iron that help it to be more forgiving. These typically include a slightly wider blade length, larger sweet spot, and potentially a cavity back style. Here are a few of the more forgiving Miura irons.


If you are looking for brand new technology with incredible forgiveness, feel, and performance, the KM-700 could be a great choice. This golf iron is kind of a combination of all the great things that Miura has done through the years. The stability at impact as well as turf interaction from Miura is impressive.


The PI-401 is a cavity back iron designed for player improvement. If it’s time to start hitting cleaner shots that improve your handicap, the PI-401 is a good choice.


The CB-301 is another cavity back iron from Miura Golf, the longest forged cavity back iron in the lineup. One of the things that helps the CB-301 stand out is the large sweet spot. For those that still want distance, the CB-301 will not force you to sacrifice it.


The IC-601 is a cavity back design with a 455 carpenter steel face. For those that want a slightly higher launch and a tight dispersion, the IC-601 is a great option to consider.

Miura Irons Selector Tool

If forgiveness is your main concern, the Miura iron selector tool could be a great option to consider. This tool allows you to enter information about your desired style, playability, trajectory, turf conditions, and even divot style.

This information is then compiled to give you an instant answer to your question about which Miura iron is the best for your game. One of the things that will help golfers seeking forgiveness is the number of Miura irons now available that have kept forgiveness at the forefront of the technology.


The biggest takeaway here is that Miura golf irons can be forgiving. It’s best to choose one of the models that has a larger sweet spot, lower center of gravity, and maybe even a cavity back design. In the end, the shaft, length, and lie of the club are going to be incredibly important in helping to ensure additional forgiveness. Miura golf irons can be tested at any True Spec location across the country. In addition, there is a dealer locator that will help you find Miura irons near you to test.

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