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Miura Iron Selector Tool: 15 Handicap Average Golfer Case Study

The Miura Iron Selector Tool is a unique feature of the website that can really help you determine which Miura iron is best for your game. We always suggest golfers...

The Miura Iron Selector Tool is a unique feature of the website that can really help you determine which Miura iron is best for your game. We always suggest golfers get a fitting for their Miura irons; however, this can give you a place to start. We have done several case studies and examples using the Miura iron selector tool to help you get a better idea as to which golf irons will be offered based on information from real golfers.

15 Handicap Average Golfer Miura Iron Selector Tool

The first part of this iron selector tool asks golfers to choose between a blade, player's cavity, forged cavity, or a game improvement iron. In this handicap range, the game improvement felt like the best choice, although the forged cavity would have been a close second.

With this particular golfer, the main reason for searching for a new set of irons was extra control. However, distance is also an issue for this particular golfer. Therefore we did the test two ways.

The first was looking for a club with forgiveness and plenty of distance. The second was forgiveness with extra control in the golf shots. Here are the results.


The Best Choice For More Control: Miura TC-201

The Miura TC-201 is the recommendation for a 15 handicap golfer looking for help with off center shots and a bit of game improvement technology. The Miura TC-201 has a higher center of gravity in the short irons and a lower trajectory than other similar irons.

With this lower trajectory in the shorter shots, players feel as though they are in control of what the golf ball is doing. In addition, the sole of the club is designed for more playability. It also has a minimal offset, so a very clean top-down look.

When you want to control from an iron, expect a bit more of a player's profile and something that requires a bit more precision. This is a smart choice for golfers that are working to bring their handicap down from the 15 mark and closer to the 10-12.

The Best Choice For More Distance: PI-401

When we switched the preferences of the iron selector tool to looking for more distance as opposed to control, the PI-401 came up as the best choice. The PI-401 is a forgiving cavity back that can really work for any golfer.

The great thing about this particular golf iron is that it provides golfers with the iconic Miura feel without taking away any distance or forgiveness that you may lose with a premium blade-style golf iron.

The Best Combination of Feel and Forgiveness: CB-302

The CB-302 has a large sole, in fact, the largest sole width that has ever been produced in a Miura factory. A wider sole helps to improve overall forgiveness. In addition, the CB-302 was designed to give golfers golfers a more penetrating ball flight, regardless of their handicap. With the Miura CB-302 irons going through the impressive Miura forgiving process and being produced with a premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel, there is no need to sacrifice the feel of the iron to get forgiveness. Many irons in a cavity back style lack the feedback that the CB-302 brings to the table.

The Best Choice to Play the Newest option: IC-602

The IC-602 blends Miura tradition with modern manufacturing technology. The solid feel and sound sets itself apart from many conventional hollow bodied irons by marrying the solid Miura feel with ultra-reliable distance control. The compact head design delivers distance without compromising the precision expected from a Miura iron. The innovative Miura Versatile Sole (MVS) performs regardless of a golfer’s attack angle. The sole shape delivers solid contact with unparalleled turf interaction. The unique step on the trailing edge of the sole serves to minimize the turf contact after impact allowing golfers to feel the club head release.



The Miura iron tool is a fun way to look at what your options are within the Miura brand. For so many years, golfers felt as though the Miura irons were just for the lowest handicap players in the game. The current line-up from Miura has a golf iron for any player, regardless of handicap or ball flight preference.


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