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As the game of golf continues to grow for women golfers, more and more golf manufacturers are putting out sets of golf irons specifically designed for female players. At Miura, you won’t find that. However, there is a reason behind this, and it’s something that all women players should consider. Miura makes golf clubs for golfers. Feel, precision, distance control, and a refined look are not things that are negotiable for either male or female golfers. Each Miura set of irons is handcrafted and customized to players' needs, male or female.

What Golf Irons Are Best For Women Golfers?

The Miura iron selector tool is a great way to narrow down which set of golf irons could be best for your needs. The iron selector takes into account player preferences, style, ideal trajectory, standard playing conditions, and divot style to give you a selection that will work for your game.

Here are a few of the most common choices for women players:


The KM-700 is one of the better choices for low handicap women golfers. This club has a blade style look to it, with forgiveness on those off-center hits. One of the goals when creating the KM-700 was to have the club be a solution for a large group of golfers. If your game is headed towards the lower handicap and feel and precision could help, this is the option to go with.


Many women golfers are unaware that Miura makes cavity back irons. The CB-302 has a large sole, in fact, the largest sole width that has ever been produced in a Miura factory. A wider sole helps to improve overall forgiveness. In addition, the CB-302 was designed to give women golfers a more penetrating ball flight, regardless of their handicap. With the Miura CB-302 irons going through the impressive Miura forgiving process and being produced with a premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel, there is no need to sacrifice the feel of the iron to get forgiveness. Many irons in a cavity back style lack the feedback that the CB-302 brings to the table. 


The PI-401, also a cavity back iron, is designed for both distance and forgiveness. Sometimes with a forged blade style, club distance becomes an issue, but the PI-401 helps to keep the Miura feel in place while boosting performance with modern technology. The premium S35C Carbon Steel face and an 8620 Soft steel body help set this apart from another cavity back iron in the game.

Can Women Order Custom Miura Golf Irons?

Women can order custom Miura golf irons in a variety of shaft options. There are graphite as well as steel shafts available, women’s size golf grips, and length and lie modifications to fit a women's golfer perfectly. Custom Miura golf irons are the best solution for the woman golfer and can even include a mixed set of Miura clubs.

Many mid to low handicap male golfers will have a blade style in their short irons and a more forgiving player's distance or cavity in the long irons. Women don’t have as many opportunities for this, but with Miura, it’s entirely possible.


At Miura, we create golf clubs for golfers. The golfers care about their game, the traditions, the history, the feel of the clubs, and the same Pursuit of Perfection that we care about. These golfers can be of any handicap level, gender, or age. The key for women golfers is to be properly fit for the clubs so that the Miura family can handcraft a set of golf irons that will stay in the bag for many years to come.

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