Do Miura Irons Have Traditional Lofts?

If you pay attention to golf irons and how the technology has changed through the years, the lowering of lofts has been a very common yet controversial process? For many golf manufacturers, the modern pitching wedge is as strong as the standard 9 or 8 iron was just a few years ago. With Miura offering some of the most premium golf irons on the market we are often asked about the lofting on Miura golf iron sets.

 Miura Iron

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Does Miura Have Traditional Lofts On Their Irons?

Miura has more traditional lofts on the irons than most other golf manufacturers. With most game improvement irons having a pitching wedge loft of 43, the Miura irons are considerably different. Most Miura golf irons have a pitching wedge loft of 46 degrees, with a few at 45, 44, and one at 47. Traditional lofts are historically seen in golf irons that are built for lower handicap players concerned more with control than total distance.

Which Miura Golf Irons Have The Lowest Lofts?

The Miura CB-301 and the Miura PI-401 have the lowest lofts and will therefore be considered more of the distance irons. The new KM-700 is one of the most exciting releases for Miura as it is an iron that truly any player can benefit from. The 46-degree pitching wedge in this set makes it a relatively fair choice when mixing total distance and ball flight control.

Which Miura Golf Irons Have The Highest Lofts?

The Miura MB-101 set is a traditionally lofted blade set of golf irons. At Miura, we did not need to push distance on this set of irons as it is built for a player not concerned with their total distance numbers. The golfer that uses the Miura MB 101 does not care if it takes a 7 iron or an 8 iron to hit the target; hitting the target, spinning the ball, and controlling ball flight are of utmost importance.

How Do I Know Which Miura Iron Set To Purchase?

Having stats and specs on Miura golf irons can help you narrow down which could be the perfect fit for your game. In addition, the Miura Iron Selector tool is really helpful in pointing out the most important stats for each set from Miura. Miura golf also offers custom fittings at locations worldwide to try and help you find the perfect fit.


Miura tends to not conform with what other golf manufacturers are doing and instead continually strives for the “pursuit of perfection.” At Miura, we are looking to provide the highest performing golf irons for a well-rounded player. This is not a distance game; this is a golf game, and fair distance combined with impeccable feel, control, precision, and forgiveness will put the perfect golf iron in your hands this season.

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