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Miura For Women Golfers

As golf expands for women, many manufacturers release iron sets tailored to female players. Miura takes a different approach. There's a rationale behind this, crucial for all women golfers to...

As golf expands for women, many manufacturers release iron sets tailored to female players. Miura takes a different approach. There's a rationale behind this, crucial for all women golfers to understand. Miura crafts clubs for golfers, irrespective of gender. Feel, precision, distance control, and aesthetic refinement are non-negotiable for both male and female players. Every Miura iron set is meticulously handcrafted and customized to meet the unique needs of each player, regardless of gender.

What Golf Irons Are Best For Women Golfers?

The Miura iron selector tool is invaluable for pinpointing the ideal set of golf irons tailored to your requirements. It factors in player preferences, style, desired trajectory, typical playing conditions, and divot style, providing a curated selection perfectly suited to your game.

Now, let's explore some of the top choices for women players:


The KM-700 stands out as an excellent option for low-handicap women golfers, boasting a blade-style appearance coupled with forgiveness on off-center hits. Designed to cater to a wide range of golfers, the KM-700 aims to address the needs of many players. If you're progressing toward a lower handicap and prioritize feel and precision, this club is the ideal choice.


Many women golfers may not realize that Miura offers cavity back irons. The CB-302 stands out with its notably wide sole, the largest ever produced in a Miura factory. This broader sole enhances forgiveness, a crucial factor for many players. Specifically designed to provide women golfers with a more penetrating ball flight, regardless of their handicap, the CB-302 undergoes Miura's rigorous forgiving process and is crafted from premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel. This means you don't have to compromise on the feel of the iron to gain forgiveness. Unlike many cavity back irons, the CB-302 delivers substantial feedback, enhancing your game experience.


The PI-401, another cavity back iron, is engineered to offer both distance and forgiveness. With some forged blade-style clubs, maintaining distance can be a challenge, but the PI-401 preserves the distinctive Miura feel while enhancing performance through modern technology. Its premium S35C Carbon Steel face and 8620 Soft steel body distinguish it from other cavity back irons on the market.


The IC-602, an updated version of the IC-601, was designed by Shinei Miura to deliver distance, forgiveness, and the renowned Miura quality. It seamlessly blends these features with a traditional look, instilling confidence in intermediate and advanced players. Its solid feel and sound distinguish it from conventional hollow-bodied irons, while the compact head design ensures both distance and precision. With a perfectly positioned center of gravity, it maximizes ball speed and launch angles, resulting in long irons flying higher and further, and mid and short irons delivering ideal ball flight, spin, and predictable distance control for scoring.

Can Women Order Custom Miura Golf Irons?

Women can order custom Miura golf irons with a variety of shaft options, including graphite and steel shafts, women’s size golf grips, and modifications to length and lie for a perfect fit. Custom Miura golf irons provide the ideal solution for women golfers and can even comprise a mixed set of Miura clubs.

While many mid to low handicap male golfers typically opt for a blade style in their short irons and a more forgiving player's distance or cavity in the long irons, women may not have as many opportunities for this. However, with Miura, it's entirely possible.


At Miura, we craft golf clubs with golfers in mind—those who value their game, tradition, history, the feel of their clubs, and the Pursuit of Perfection that we share. These golfers come from all handicap levels, genders, and ages. For women golfers, the key is to ensure proper club fitting so that the Miura family can handcraft a set of golf irons destined to remain in the bag for years to come.


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