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Miura Golf: 2023 Year in Review

The year 2023 was absolutely one for the books for Miura. A year that saw the factory release a new product that tested the limits of the famed forging process....

The year 2023 was absolutely one for the books for Miura. A year that saw the factory release a new product that tested the limits of the famed forging process. A year that saw a one-of-a-kind partnership with one of the best ball strikers in the game. Lastly, a year which saw innovative collaborations with some great golf brands. As we prepare to close the door in 2023, take a stroll down memory lane with us and recall what made 2023 such an exciting year.


A Limited Collaboration

In March of 2023, Miura teamed up with Adam Scott to release his custom AS-1 Irons to the world to be able to experience for themselves. The iron was a culmination of two incredible golf minds meeting to create something unique and special. It started with a visit to the Miura Factory in Himeji, Japan where Adam met with the Miura Family to see the iron forging process himself and get unique exposure for how his custom irons came to be.



“It feels like we live in a disposable world today and anything that you use today is discarded,” Scott said. “But after seeing the forging process, it feels more like Miura is made for life and you could use them forever. The Quality is there.”

The AS-1 irons, which began shipping to customers in November, was a special experience which included a premium box complete with a signed certificate of authenticity and an authentic Miura apron which are used by the craftsmen in Japan.


Transcending the Forging Process

Shinei Miura asked himself, "Why can't all golfers enjoy the benefit of a penetrating ball flight, something usually targeted towards the better player?" What does this mean for the golfer? The player is no longer sacrificing any aspect of iron play for added forgiveness. This achievement has been realized with the new CB-302, the longest forged cavity-back iron ever produced by Miura Golf.



Also released in March of 2023, the CB-302 became instantly popular as it’s characteristics appeal to all levels of players. An iron, which is a testament to the skills of the Miura Craftsmen, promised to be a visually stunning iron during the original design stages, but the final product was able to transcend the Miura forging process. The CB-302 is the largest sole width (19mm / 7 iron) we’ve ever produced at the Miura factory, rewarding the golfer with optimized forgiveness.

Latest Models Released in Black

The aforementioned CB-302 as well as the late 2022 iron release, the MC-502, was re-introduced to the golf world in October of 2023 but this time in black QPQ. Two irons, which were already attention grabbers in chrome, made people stop in their tracks once they got a look at them with the QPQ finish.



Unique Collaborations

The Miura team collaborated with multiple brands that pride themselves on quality as well as innovation in 2023. Miura worked with Jones Sports Co. for the release of the Modern Script Trouper Bag. A unique bag option for the Miura customer which also showcased the new “Modern Script” Miura logo for the first time.

Then it was Greyson Clothiers who teamed up for a limited MB-101 iron release which featured their Greyson Wolf logo stamped on the toe. This collaboration also included new custom printed polos as well as great hoodie, tee and hat options that sold out lightning quick by excited golf fans.




Last and certainly not least, Miura developed a wonderful relationship with Holderness and Bourne which has brought incredible attire options for both on and off the course for the Miura fan.
Miura won’t be wasting time in 2024 as we will see many more collaborations, the first coming in January, which will continue turn some heads of golf enthusiasts.


In Conclusion

The year 2023 will be a year to remember for not just the Miura team but for the Miura fans and partners who have been along for the ride. But just like Katsuhiro Miura’s never-ending pursuit of perfection, we eagerly look ahead to 2024 to continue to build one our past work and continue to excite and innovate within the golf landscape.


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