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Miura Iron Selector Tool: 10 Handicap Golfer Case Study

It takes a lot of hard work to make it to the 10 handicap range. Although you may not break 80 every time you go out to play, chances are...

It takes a lot of hard work to make it to the 10 handicap range. Although you may not break 80 every time you go out to play, chances are you have had some really great rounds that have made you feel like a 5 handicap is not unattainable. One thing that many high handicappers have started to realize is that the quality of the iron they play with becomes more and more critical.

Miura irons are handmade in Japan to be of the highest quality out there. You put time into your game, now is the time to reward yourself with the proper equipment. Here is what happened when we put a 10 handicap golfer through the Miura iron Selector tool.

10 Handicap Golfer Miura Iron Selector Tool

For this experiment, we went through the iron selector tool, first looking for a player's cavity and then for a forged cavity. With all of the options that Miura now has for golf irons, the performance can truly be fine tuned. We also chose to focus on control, as that is really what can make or break getting those scores into the 70's consistently.

The Best Players Cavity: TC-201

The TC-201 stood out as a great club selection for the 10-handicap golfer looking for control and a bit of forgiveness. This TC-201 has a low center of gravity, impressive ball flight, and a high trajectory. If you are ready to feel in control with your short irons, the TC-201 can provide that experience.

In addition, the top line on the TC-201 gives a clean player's look. Golfers looking to make that move from a clunky iron will be pleasantly surprised.

Miura is continually looking for solutions for the 10 handicapped golfers, but the TC-201 indeed tends to be the most popular choice in the lineup at this time.

The Most Versatile: KM-700

The Miura KM-700 is one of the most versatile golf irons in the Miura lineup. With the KM-700 you will benefit from stability and a square club face at impact. The turf interaction provided by the KM-700 appeals to a wide range of players, whether you have been a 10 handicapper for the last decade or striving to become one. 

The KM-700 features an innovative toe cut grind and an optimized hosel/heel connection to perfect the center of gravity positioning. Ten handicappers benefit from a slightly larger sweet spot and better ball flight control.

The Best Forged Cavity: CB-302

The Miura CB-302 is a brand new release, the longest forged cavity back iron Miura golf has ever brought to market. The CB-302 has a large sole width (19 mm with a 7 iron), but the top down look is still quite clean. 

The CB-302 optimizes forgiveness. For a 10 handicap golfer that wants to stay out of the 80s as often as possible, the CB-302 can be the perfect combination of distance, feel, feedback, and forgiveness

For The Lefties: CB-801

The weight in the CB-801 is distributed specifically to improve the overall feel. Left-handed golfers with good club head speed and accuracy at impact will do quite well with the CB-801.


For golfers playing with cavity back game improvement cast irons their entire career, Miura provides opportunities to see the game differently. You will have access to an incredible feel, impressive control, and even a bit of forgiveness. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the Miura irons, feel free to reach out and allow us to help you. Together we can build the perfect set of irons for your needs as a player. Chances are, the next time you shop for Miura irons, you will look for the best irons for 5 handicappers or scratch golfers.


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