Why Are Miura Clubs More Expensive Than Other Brands?

Serious golfers know that there are premium golf brands and brands that are considered to be cheap or value. Without a doubt, Miura golf clubs are considered to be premium. These clubs have a higher price point than many other options on the market, but there are reasons behind this. If you are on the fence about Miura golf clubs and wondering why the pricing is higher than other brands, we have all the information you need.

Why Are Miura Clubs More Expensive Than Other Brands?

The Miura golf clubs are more expensive than other brands because of the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the availability of the product. This availability is impacted by the time it takes to make a set of Miura golf irons. Let’s take a more in-depth look into how the Miura product is priced and why it is priced that way.

Materials Used

The Miura irons use some of the most premium steel on the market. These golf irons are made with hand-selected steel, and the steel is not going to be the same for each of the irons produced. For instance, the new KM-700 uses a Premium Soft Carbon steel, whereas the IC-601 used a 455 Carpenter Steel for the face, and the body is a SUS304.

When Miura sources the finest material for your golf clubs, it is so that you can eventually have the performance and control that you need.

Manufacturing Process

The Miura golf irons go through a manufacturing process that no other brand does. The forged golf irons go through several phases of forging to ensure that they feel is as pure as it can be. The room for error in Miura golf iron is non-existent.

The company was founded in the late nineteen fifties, and the idea was to put a golf iron on the market, unlike anything that was currently available. With the impressive feel and manufacturing process, this was made possible.

Miura will never be a mass producer of golf clubs that skips quality to produce volume. This manufacturing process does include hand-crafted perfection, and that is something that is not seen anywhere else in the industry.


The way that Miura produces and creates these golf irons is unlike any other brand, but it takes some time to complete the process. When Miura irons are released, there is typically only a limited number of product available.

In addition, with these products being manufactured in Japan, it takes some time and some additional expense to get them to the United States.


Miura irons are more expensive than some others on the market, but everything you are paying for are things that you will benefit from after owning the irons. Golfers will find that these premium Miura irons hold up well over time, and they have a feel and performance that is entirely unique and unlike anything else on the market. Keep this in mind if you are on the fence about whether or not a Miura golf iron is a good fit for you.

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