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Miura wedges are first in class for ease, power, and a fantastic feel on the course. They are continuously regarded as a top choice by players of all experience levels. We’ve curated a few of our favorite reviews of Miura wedges from the web, so golfers can tell readers, in their own words, why there’s nothing quite like the Miura wedge. With every review, one thing can be sure: the reviewers know golf, have tried their hand on many golf clubs, and can distinguish the Miura wedge because of their wide breadth of knowledge and experience.

GOLF.com, the leading content source in all things golf, shared a 2019 club test of 16 new golf wedges to “help you knock it tight,” and featured Miura’s KG 2.0 (K-Grind) on the list.

The KG 2.0 wedge was created with the intention to provide unprecedented stability to the player. GOLF.com’s comments for this wedge stated that it is “great for those who struggle with digging or anyone who desires the soft, forged feel.”

Recently, Michael Chwasky highlighted the newest model in the Miura wedge line, the Milled Tour High Bounce, praising its “exceptional feel and feedback,” and noting its fit for “players looking for a slightly wider sole and more effective bounce.”

Golf WRX
In an editor review, Golfwrx editor Reid Ogata said of the new Miura Wedge Series that “[he] found the performance and playability of [the] wedges to be outstanding.” He goes on to review specific wedges from the series, commending the New Wedge Series 51 for its “crisp sound at impact” and a “remarkable amount of spin generated.”

Golf Aficionado
Product reviews are another staple of golf publications, as many golfers are looking for honest hot takes on specific products. Rob Spellman did a product review of the K-grind wedges in Golf Aficianado, referring to the experience as “love at first sight” and awarding the Miura K Wedge with 5 out of 5 stars. What spoke to Spellman most about the K-grind was his ability to get “up-and-down from bunker,” and has seen a significant improvement in this area of his game. Spellman claims in his review that while he loves the game of golf, “the game doesn’t always love [him].” It’s important when looking for product reviews to read an array of opinions, because each reviewer has a different level of experience.

Peruse the full collection of Miura wedges online or visit an authorized dealer near you to try a Miura wedge for yourself.

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