Unveiling the Miura IC-602 Iron: Tradition meets modern tech

In the pursuit of creating a golf iron that seamlessly combines distance, forgiveness, and the signature Miura experience, Miura Golf presents the IC-602.

Shinei Miura set out to produce an iron not only delivers top-tier performance but also boasts a traditional look, ensuring golfers can shape their shots with confidence. This was achieved with the creation of the IC-602.



Hollow Body Excellence for Advanced Players

The solid feel and sound of the IC-602 sets itself apart from many conventional hollow bodied irons. marrying the solid Miura feel with ultra-reliable distance control, the compact head design delivers distance without compromising the precision expected from a Miura iron.

Improved Performance Across the Bag

The IC-602's innovative design ensures maximum compression to the ball, regardless of swing path or attack angle. Perfectly positioned Center of Gravity (COG) results in maximum ball speed and ideal launch angles throughout the set. Whether it's the long irons soaring higher and longer or the short irons providing the perfect ball flight and spin, the IC-602 delivers consistent, predictable distance control.


Experience Matters

Drawing from decades experience with of wedge design, the Miura craftsmen designed the sole of the IC-602 to deliver efficient turf interaction and optimized launch. The outcome is the Miura Versatile Sole (MVS), the perfect balance between bounce angle and sole width. The leading edge guarantees solid contact, irrespective of swing plane or turf conditions, while the trailing edge maintains club head speed through contact.


Tradition Meets Hi-Tech Innovation

The IC-602 efficiently utilizes technologically advanced materials. The body, made from 8620 soft carbon steel, works seamlessly with the very durable chrome molybdenum (chromoly) in the 3 - 9 irons while using the consistent and reliable S35C steel in the set's scoring clubs. (PW and GW.) A strategically placed tungsten weight inside the hollow body promotes a lower COG and higher launch, while an injected polymer guarantees the iconic sound and feel of a Miura iron.


Optimized Face Progression for Consistent Performance

Miura's proprietary fitting data highlights the correlation between Face Progression (FP) and dynamic loft. This understanding enables craftsmen to optimize the FP value for each iron loft, ensuring a consistent club head speed through impact and an ideal launch angle, regardless of the iron in hand.


Miura Versatile Sole (MVS) in Action

The Miura Versatile Sole performs flawlessly, adapting to a golfer's attack angle. Its unique step on the trailing edge minimizes turf contact after impact, allowing golfers to feel the club head release and maintain control over their shots.


Who is the iron for?

The versatility of the IC-602 will be a welcomed addition to the Miura lineup of irons. The iron will appeal to a broad range of golfers. From mid-handicap to low handicap players including senior golfers looking to increase ball speed.



With the IC-602, Miura has created an iron that goes beyond expectations, delivering distance, precision, and the unmistakable feel golfers associate with the Miura name. Elevate your game with the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.


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