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Do I Need To Get Fitted For Miura Golf Clubs?

Miura golf irons are some of the most premier golf irons on the market. The reason that Miura stands out from other brands goes well beyond the materials and even...

Miura golf irons are some of the most premier golf irons on the market. The reason that Miura stands out from other brands goes well beyond the materials and even the technology. Miura golf irons are hand-forged in the Miura facility in Japan, and each club is inspected to ensure perfection. If you are going to make the decision to purchase a set of these Miura irons, it means you understand the benefits of premier equipment. Getting fitted for that premier equipment is essential.

Miura Golf Club Fitting

We recommend that a player gets fitted for Miura golf clubs simply because of the number of options there are for customization of these golf clubs. If you know your specifications, you may be able to get away with no custom fitting, but it can still be a benefit. There are locations across the country that fit for Miura, especially the True Spec Premier Club Fitting location. Here are a few of the things you will need to know as you place your order for Miura golf clubs.

Shaft Model and Flex

There is really no such thing as a stock Miura golf iron. Your set will be handcrafted with you in mind. The shaft model and flex will directly impact your ability to launch the golf ball and get the distance that you need.

SST Pure

The SST Pureing is a service that Miura offers to ensure that the golf shaft is fit in the club head to ensure optimal performance. The SST Pure is a small addition to the total cost of the golf clubs, considering the difference that it can make in performance.


Miura offers a few different ferrule options for golfers to choose from. These ferrules will change the overall look of the club head and can be anything from standard to a gold color.


Miura golf clubs come with a UTX Lamkin grip from Miura. There are about 15 other grip options that you can choose from if they are a better fit for your game. In addition, the number of wraps placed under the grips can also be adjusted to work for players.

Club Length

If you go for a fitting prior to your purchase of the Miura golf clubs, then you will get an accurate measurement of the length of the club that you need. The length will be determined by your total height and arm length, as well as the dynamic features like your ability to square the clubface at impact.

Club Loft

The loft of the Miura irons can be adjusted to adapt for a player's specific needs. Some golfers have a slightly higher ball flight, and the loft needs to be turned down a bit to correct this and get a bit more distance.

Club Lie

The lie angle of the club likely will change based on the club length and the golfer's total height. Making sure that the lie angle is perfect and allows for consistent impact is essential.

As you can see, there are quite a few important factors that will play into which Miura golf irons are the best for your needs. Take this into consideration before you purchase your next set of Miura’s.


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