History of Miura


Miura was founded in February 1977. Although, Katsuhiro Miura had been involved in the manufacturing of irons since 1957.



Miura Giken begins manufacturing soft carbon steel forged irons. While manufacturing product on behalf of other equipment companies, the foundation of an OEM business is developed.



The factory relocates to Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture. As the Miura name and reputation continues to grow, it is necessary to increase capacity. This enables the company to increase production and establish itself as an OEM business.



Miura-san introduces the iconic forging technique to the manufacturing process. In believing the traditional forging process was flawed, Miura-san has an ingenious plan to improve the grain structure of the club head.


Fueled by innovation, Miura Giken begins to produce its own precision forged dies. This allows the factory to take control of the manufacturing process from beginning to end.



The forging division is established at the Miura Giken factory. Miura-san works with engineers to create proprietary equipment that manipulate the grain structure of the club head. The new forging process includes an additional strike, as well as the use of the renowned spin forging machine.

Using Maruman irons that were manufactured at the Miura factory, Ian Woosnam wins The Masters Tournament.



Miura Giken releases the first Miura stamped model. Aptly named the Craftsman’s Spirit, the model is produced in minimal production runs. The factory continues to produce large quantities of equipment on behalf of other companies. This means there is little time to work on producing irons under the Miura brand.



The Miura Giken brand is born. For the first time, the Miura family produces irons bearing the family name. Although they continue to manufacture clubs on behalf of the top equipment companies, Miura Giken is being recognized for its own designs throughout Japan.

On behalf of Maruman, the Miura factory produces irons that José María Olazába uses to win The Masters Tournament.



Miura Giken establishes a relationship with Tada Corporation. This partnership allows Miura Giken to improve tolerances created during the forging process.



As the business continues to grow, Miura Giken moves its production to Himeji, Japan, where the factory is still located today. Bringing the forging and finishing divisions to the same location allows Miura Giken to increase its production capacity. This includes production for OEMs, as well as the increasing demand for Miura Giken products.



Miura Giken begins designing and manufacturing irons for distribution outside Japan. International models are introduced to the North American and European markets under the new Miura Golf brand.

Miura Golf has its first PGA win with Raymond Floyd at the Ford Senior Players Championship.



The Miuraism line is introduced. These premium irons are limited production models that are made to order and feature additional customization options.

Miura Giken decides to direct focus on its own brand, moving a majority of its OEM production to an agent outside of Japan.



Miura Giken invests in CNC milling technology. These technological advancements allow Miura Giken to enhance their product lines.



Miura Giken introduces Passing Point to their lineup. Passing Point clubs are designed and manufactured with the precision of Miura’s forged irons, but with additional elements that allow golfers of all abilities to play Miura irons.

In 2014, Ryan Moore defends his CIMB Classic title playing with the PP-9003 SN.



Taking advantage of new technology, Miura Giken begins using 3D CAD CAM. This allows Miura Giken to improve on their designs and capabilities.



Miura-san recognizes the importance of his two sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka, to Miura’s long-term success. Shinei assumes the role of President of Miura Giken and the responsibilities of overseeing research and development, and distribution.

As is customary in Japan, Miura-san becomes Chairman of Miura Giken. He continues to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the company and still occupies the number one chair on the grinding line.



Many businesses in Japan, including golf companies, are affected by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. As a result, Miura Giken focuses on Miura Golf opportunities around the rest of world.

In 2011, K.J. Choi wins The Players Championship using the CB-501.



Miura Craftsman is introduced–a custom order option that allows dealers to offer personalized options for the lie, loft, head weight, paint fill, bounce, and offset of select Miura Giken models.



Miura Giken celebrates its 40th anniversary by introducing a special edition model designed by Katsuhiro Miura, as well as a line of accessories.



The MC-501 is introduced, making it the Miura blade with the longest blade length and longest sole. It combines the playability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity back. Incorporating the iconic “Y” Grind created by Yoshitaka Miura, the MC-501 delivers solid ball contact and will appeal to players beyond the low handicapped golfer.



Miura Golf launches the KM-009 Putter. A rolled top line and a tapered heel help to deliver a putter head which is both pleasing to the eye and easy to square to your putting line. The milled face is forgiving and produces a strike that transmits to the feel, distance, and control needed to achieve the truest rolls from reduced skid.



Miura Golf launches the Tour Wedge Series. The new Tour Wedge Series delivers the legendary feel golfers covet. The wedge does not chase distance like other clubs, but rather precision and control necessary for scoring. This new design is the first from Miura using CNC milling for the face and grooves, allowing for ultimate spin control.



Miura Golf launches the IC-601. An optimized low center of gravity is the byproduct of the inner cavity design of the IC-601. Combined with a back weight screw and a 455 carpenter steel face, this Miura iron delivers custom fit options which produce greater distance, more forgiveness, and tighter dispersion.



Miura Golf debuts a new e-commerce website. For the first time, golfers will have the ability to order clubs directly from us, including complete customization of shaft and grips.



Miura Golf launches the CB-301, the longest full forged cavity back iron Miura Golf has ever produced. The CB-301 combines the feel and playability of a player’s iron with the forgiveness and distance to improve golfers of all skill levels.