KM-700 Irons: Who Are They For?

At Miura, the release of new golf irons is highly anticipated. The current Miura lineup is so good at ensuring all golfers' needs are met that there are very few gaps in what the Miura brand provides. However, when the Miura family feels as though there is a new feature or attribute that it can bring to the market, they spend years developing it. The new KM-700 irons are a brand new addition in 2022, and they have some of the most premium looks of any other iron on the market. Let’s take a look at the KM-700 irons, who they are for, and why they could be an excellent addition to your golf game.

KM-700 Features and Benefits

When Miura creates golf clubs, they strive for perfection. If you think back to the equipment you have had through the years, chances are there were things you loved and things you didn’t love. Miura wants you to be completely satisfied with the club selection you make.

Optimized Center of Gravity

Several golf irons in the last few years have incorporated more forgiveness into the Miura clubhead. However, the new KM-700 has an innovative toe cut grind that optimizes the center of gravity. Players will be able to benefit from a more prominent sweet spot without feeling like they lose control of the golf ball.

Stability at Impact

Pure feel is something we can expect from Miura, and the new center of gravity location allows for a more stable club head. The lofts have also been optimized to produce a mix of solid distance, with the ability to spin and stop the ball as well.

Impressive Turf Interaction

Turf interaction is always clean with a Miura iron in the hands. What you will notice about the KM-700 is that when you may not have your best game, you will still see impressive results with this iron in your hand. The top-down look, weighting, and overall material design help to improve turf interaction and consistency.

Premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel Face

We are accustomed to a premium 8620 soft steen in the body of many Miura irons, but the new face technology is quite interesting on the KM-700. Golfers will benefit from aPremium S20C Soft Carbon Steel. The carbon steel face provides a high MOI without taking away any of the premium forged feel that Miura brings to the market.

Who Is It For?

One of the most incredible benefits of the new Miura KM-700 is the number of players that can use this iron. If you are a low handicap or a high handicapper, there is so much performance here that will help improve your abilities. Golfers looking for a pure feel, forgiveness, workability, and an impressive look will love what Miura has brought to the market.

This new release from Miura is a special one for Katsuhiro Miura. On each of the KM-700 irons, you will notice his personal Hanko stamp on each iron. If your game is ready for handcrafter perfection, the KM-700 irons are waiting for you.

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