Meet the Newest Miura Blades

At Miura, we’re on a continual quest for perfection in each of our blades. We continue to diversify our product selection by expanding upon previous iterations. We keep the classic and most loved features of each of our blades while also refining what can be improved through our iconic forging process. It is with great pride that we introduce the two newest blades to the Miura family: the LH TB-901 and the RH MB-101.

Meet the LH TB-901
Made solely for left-handed players, the new LH TB-901 is as sleek as it’s well engineered. Its wider diameter makes it easy to align with the ball for the ultimate impact, and it’s been crafted with a subtle weight from toe to heel to drive the ball home. To personalize your LH TB-901, we offer a wide range of loft and lie angles to determine which is best for you.

Meet the RH MB-101
The MB-101, mastered for right handed players, combines the critically acclaimed features of our past blades with a touch of refinement for a smooth, fluid feel as the club glides through the turf towards impact. Additionally: we refined the sole width and face thickness to optimize the feel and feedback, making it one of our most responsive clubs yet.

The Miura Forging Process
We take great pride in our forging process. Each and every club that we distribute has been hand-forged by our expert craftsmen in our factory in Himeji, Japan - meaning our production process is not conducive to mass production. This enables us to get a feel for each club, which keeps our refining process constant. We’re in persistent pursuit of perfection in each of our clubs; always garnering player feedback on how our blades can deliver even more impact and offer more playability.  Our process of forging clubs was born of Miura-san’s belief that the traditional way to forge irons was fundamentally flawed. The specialty of our forging process is in the two separate processes: forging the hosel, then forging the club head. Both are made from soft carbon steel, but the separation of the process guarantees perfection on each element.

To hold our new blades and try them out for yourself, visit one of our authorized dealers near you. 

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