Continuing the Legacy of Miura Blades

Miura MB-101

The MB-101 incorporates the best characteristics of early Miura designs and models. The subtle refinements to the sole allow the club to travel effortlessly through the turf. The sole width and face thickness have been optimized (from our MB-001) allowing for heightened feel and feedback.

Starting At

$280 / club

Additional information


3I 4I 5I 6I 7I 8I 9I PW


21º 24º 27º 30º 34º 38º 42º 47º

Face Progression

4.0 l 4.5 l 4.8 l 4.8 l 5.0 l 5.0 l 5.0 l 5.0

Lie Angle

60.5º 61º 61.5º 62º 62.5º 63º 63.5º 64º


245g, 251g, 258g, 265g, 272g, 280g, 288g, 298g