Can A 20 Handicap Golfer Play With Miura Irons?

For many years, Miura was known as the golf club of choice for players that need a clean-looking blade. Although Miura still has these options for the best ball strikers in the game, there are other options that are now part of the Miura lineup. Golfers with a 20 handicap or higher can finally get the performance they need from a premium club with an exceptional feel.

Miura Golf Irons for High Handicappers

Miura has greatly expanded its product line in the last few years. The idea that only the best ball strikers on the planet should feel a pure hit at impact is a thing of the past. Players of all abilities should be rewarded with a premium-feeling golf iron.

With Miura’s pursuit of perfection, they continue to manufacture golf irons that do it all. Everything from distance to forgiveness to impressive feel can be accomplished with Miura. In addition, a great deal of attention is paid to the fit of the club and the proper golf shaft.

A few of the iron selections that could work for 20 handicap golfers looking to switch to Miura include:


The KM-700 is the newest release from Miura, and it has plenty of forgiveness built into the club head. However, as much as you will enjoy the forgiveness, expect that the stability and turf interaction will feel like a premium blade. This club works especially well for the higher handicapper ready to make big changes in their game.


The PI-401 is a cavity back iron designed for any golfer looking for maximum distance and forgiveness. If you want an impressive feel but can’t sacrifice the forgiveness on your irons, the PI401 is a great choice.


The CB-301 is another cavity back iron from Miura Golf, the longest forged cavity back iron in the lineup. A large sweet spot on the CB-301 makes it easier to be a consistent player without giving up the distance.

Miura Iron Selector Tool

Miura offers a great tool to help you find the Miura iron that is best suited to your game. The Miura Iron Selector tool allows you to put in information about your scoring and ability level and have the system recommend the best Miura iron. Take advantage of this tool to find the club that is best suited for your needs.

Why Should High Handicappers Choose Miura Golf Irons?

High handicappers have trouble consistently hitting the center of the clubface. However, this does not mean that the center of the clubface cannot be hit. When a higher handicapper does make great contact with the center, they should be rewarded for it.

Miura has always felt that all golfers who can appreciate a well struck golf ball should be playing with a premium forged golf iron. The large line of Miura products has made it possible for all players to have this kind of technology in their game.

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