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Miura MC-502: Highly Anticipated New Release

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Miura is the fact that we won’t release golf clubs until we have something new to release. There is no pushing...

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Miura is the fact that we won’t release golf clubs until we have something new to release. There is no pushing clubs out the door each year just to compete an order. We work on improvements and solutions for golfers year after year and release them when something new is ready to come to market. That is why the Miura MC-502 irons are such a highly anticipated release. Taking what we learned from the Miura MC-501 irons, these clubs are made from the same DNA, with even more to offer.

Miura MC-502: Features And Benefits

When the Miura MC-501 first came to market, it was to show the golfing population that blade-style irons and forgiveness could go hand in hand. After the success of the Miura MC-501, it was time to improve upon this iron and create something even more versatile in the MC-502.

Reduced Offset

The reduced offset is the first and likely most important improvement and upgrades in the Miura MC-502. Offset goes hand in hand with forgiveness, but it is not always appealing to the better player.

By reducing the offset from the MC-501 to the MC-502, we were still able to maintain forgiveness. Thanks to the face progression technology and skilled manufacturing, this has a players look with the benefits that offset gives golfers.

In addition, the turf interaction is some of the best we have seen to date.

Softer, More Rounded Top Line

The top down look is so essential for a lower handicap Miura golfer. The softer, more rounded top line of the Miura MC-502 is still thin. The top-down look will give you the confidence and conviction that you are in charge of where the golf ball will land.

Upgraded Lie Angle

The line angle of the MC-502 was upgraded to match the other irons in the Miura core lineup. This change makes it considerably easier for golfers to put together a mixed set of Miura irons. Lie angle can also be adjusted when ordering your custom set of Miura irons, so that is something to keep in mind.

A Players Iron

The Miura MC-502 is a player's iron. Golfers with lower handicaps who are looking for the ability to hit a draw or a fade will love the responsiveness of the Miura MC-502. However, when the ball is in a complicated lie, or you are struggling to get the face of that 3 iron squared up, the forgiveness built into the MC-502 has your back.

The lofts in this club are more traditional, so it is not a distance machine. Instead, think of control, feel precision, and a bit of forgiveness.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are just as excited as we are about the release of the new Miura MC-502 irons. These golf irons are the result of hard work, dedication to the game of golf, and to a brand that is in continual pursuit of perfection. When you hit the new Miura MC-502, you, too, will see what Miura's pursuit of perfection looks and feels like in a golf club.


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