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Introducing The Miura CB-302

When a new set of irons is released from Miura, it is because there has been a significant change in technology, a discovery of some sort that can help a...

When a new set of irons is released from Miura, it is because there has been a significant change in technology, a discovery of some sort that can help a player. The new Miura CB-302 focuses on two important aspects of the game, a penetrating ball flight and added forgiveness. The Miura CB-302 irons are another accomplishment for Shinei Miura and the Miura family, take a look at what you can expect with the new CB-302 from Miura.

Miura CB-302 Features and Benefits

Shinei Miura said it best when he asked, "Why shouldn't all golfers enjoy the benefit of a penetrating ball flight." The Miura family has been saying these things for years; why can't better players get a little forgiveness? Why can't mid handicappers have great feel in an iron? Why do golfers have to sacrifice something when purchasing golf irons. In the Miura pursuit of perfection, these questions are all being answered.

Fully Forged CB-302

Part of what makes any Miura iron stand out from others is its visual appeal and craftsmanship. Miura craftsmen hand forge their irons during a multi-step process to ensure optimized weight distribution in each club head.

The tolerances for Miura irons are tighter than any club in the industry. Design, technology, and innovation are all important, but so are the people that know the art of making the CB-302 irons.

Widest Sole of Any Fully Forged Iron There are certain limitations when creating golf irons with soft carbon, and one of those is sole width.

At Miura, we were tempted to test this limit after the success of the PI-401. The sole width of the new CB-302 is 19mm on the 7 iron, the largest we have produced to date.

With extra sole width come several benefits, the most important of which is added forgiveness. Golf course conditions are ever-changing, and the ability to improve and adapt to these conditions with better turf interaction is the stand-out feature of the CB-302 iron.

Miura Y Grind

The new CB-302 irons feature the iconic Y grind. The Y grind improves turf interaction and ball control regardless of a golfer's swing trajectory. Y grind, combined with the precise amount of camber and leading and trailing edge relief, gives the mix of feel and forgiveness that the Miura line needed.

Loft and Availability

The Miura CB-302 comes in a 4-GW. The pitching wedge loft is 44 degrees, so it is one of the stronger irons in the Miura lineup.

Who Should Play With the Miura CB-302?

The Miura CB-302 was influenced by several other irons in the Miura lineup, namely the PI-401 and the MB-101. Any golfer looking for distance, forgiveness, and the classic Miura feel can benefit from the CB-302.

Most importantly, those looking for a penetrating ball flight.

These irons are a perfect fit for the mid to high-handicap player throughout the entire set. For lower handicappers that struggle with long irons, the CB-302 can be a solution to pair with a more blade-like short iron.

Final Thoughts

What we have learned from the release of the new Miura CB-302 is that Shinei Miura was once again correct in the fact that every golfer can benefit from a penetrating ball flight. The Miura CB-302 checks another box for Miura in the hopes that someday all golfers will realize that nothing needs to be sacrificed when buying a set of irons. You can have it all.


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