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Who Should Play CB-302 Irons?

The new Miura CB-302 irons are unique. In fact, a new release from Miura has to be unique in some aspect, or it simply won’t come to market. Every Miura...

The new Miura CB-302 irons are unique. In fact, a new release from Miura has to be unique in some aspect, or it simply won’t come to market. Every Miura iron release spends years in the research and development phase to ensure that the technology offered will ultimately benefit a specific group of golfers. The new Miura CB-302 is focused on forgiveness and a penetrating ball flight, but you may be surprised how many golfers can benefit from a club like this.


What To Know About the CB-302 Irons

Before we get into who should play with the CB-302 golf irons, let’s look at a few of the things you should know about this club. The new CB-302 is a cavity-shape iron that has optimized weight distribution depending on the loft of the club.
The CB-302 irons have gone through the extensive Miura forging process, and they are made with soft carbon steel that the Miura family specifically sources.
The CB-302 has a large sole, in fact, the largest sole width that has ever been produced in a Miura factory. A wider sole helps to improve overall forgiveness. In addition, the CB-302 was designed to give golfers a more penetrating ball flight, regardless of their handicap.


Who Should Play With The CB-302 Irons?

Now that you understand what the CB-302 irons have to offer, here is what you should know about the golfers that will benefit the most from these clubs.


High Handicap Players That Are Tired of Sacrificing Feel

With the Miura CB-302 irons going through the impressive MIura forgiving process and being produced with a premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel, there is no need to sacrifice the feel of the iron to get forgiveness. Many higher handicapper irons in a cavity back style lack the feedback that the CB-302 brings to the table.


Players Looking for A Penetrating Ball Flight While Still Getting Forgiveness

Miura San did not understand why golfers have to give up a penetrating ball flight if they feel it will improve their accuracy and scoring ability on the golf course. Overall a more penetrating ball flight is something that is not typically offered with a cavity back iron that also features forgiveness.


Golfers That Need Extra Forgiveness In The Long Irons

Miura CB-302 irons can be an excellent choice for golfers that struggle with forgiveness in the longer irons. With the CB-302 featuring that wider sole, it’s easier to improve turf interaction and get a penetrating but long ball flight with the CB-302 irons. Pairing a variety of Miura irons is not difficult to do because of the consistency in the premium feel throughout the Miura line.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, we can’t quite narrow down the CB-302 golf iron to a specific handicap or even a handicap category. The versatile CB-302 has a little bit of everything that golfers need. If you want a little help on those off-center hits, still appreciate feel and feedback and enjoy controlling your ball flight, the CB-302 could be the golf iron of choice in 2023.


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