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What's the Right Miura Golf Iron for My Game?

Miura currently offers multiple signature iron models for golfers of all levels, depending on what they are looking for to enhance their game. Each of the clubs offers a unique...

Miura currently offers multiple signature iron models for golfers of all levels, depending on what they are looking for to enhance their game. Each of the clubs offers a unique feature depending on what the player desires, may it be playability, distance, control, forgiveness, or a sense of strength in a swing. 

To know for sure which Miura Golf iron is right for your game, visit one of our authorized dealers to see each iron in person. Our authorized dealers will help you to determine the best fit for your game based on what you’re looking for and your level of experience. Here are the currently offered Miura Golf irons and a background on what they were each designed for.

The TC-201 for forgiveness and strength. 

The TC-201 was designed with progressive weighting in the sole, geared with weight towards both the heel and the toe of the iron head. It’s highly regarded for offering the “best of both worlds”: the forgiveness of a cavity back and the performance of a muscle back. 

This makes for a great iron for beginner golfers who are looking for that forgiveness but don’t want to give up performance, or for more advanced golfers who don’t mind enhanced stability and control and want to optimize their performance.

Miura’s MB-101 for playability and feedback. 

The MB-101 continues the Miura legacy as one of the newest additions to the irons available. 

This was designed to enhance a swift glide through the turf, offering a playability many enjoy. Upon each swing, the full force of impact is felt, which helps new players practice the subtleties of their technique and how it impacts the ball. 

The MC-501 for playability and forgiveness.

 While the MC-501 is a blade, which is typically considered to be more ‘intimidating’ and a club for more advanced players, it’s actually quite player-friendly. It incorporates the forgiveness of a cavity back, and has a wider sole design that a typical muscle back iron. This makes it a great beginner blade for players with a low handicap, that can also be enjoyed and used by more advanced players, too. It still features the playability of a classic blade, but is forged with an additional stability.

The CB-301 for control and distance. 

The CB-301 is the longest full forged cavity back iron ever produced by Miura, and was created for control, forgiveness, and distance. It was created for players of all backgrounds and experience levels, so whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you will enjoy this iron’s ability to give you the sense of security and strength necessary to drive the ball. 

The CB-301’s level of control comes from its cavity thickness, which supports the center of gravity. Despite the strength, it can go for distance -- players enjoy the playability of this iron despite the control it awards. 

The IC-601 for ease and speed. 

The IC-601 is the new and improved version of the IC 2003. Its name stands for “inner cavity,” which has been a model forged by the Miura name for many years. Specifically, its inner cavity creates a larger ‘sweet spot’ for golfers to align this iron with the ball, and its design also lends to enhance speed and distance. 

The “IC” model has always been quite popular amongst Miura golfers, and this latest model features refinements to the design for even more speed and distance. Additionally, the head of an IC-601 can be custom-fitted to any shaft.

Miura Baby Blades for impact and an easy hit.

Newest on the Miura iron scene are “baby blades,” which, true to their name, are small. Mr. Miura created this blade to be 15 percent smaller to create an easier hit -- and while it may seem unlikely that a smaller blade is more likely to align with the ball, it works, and increases the playability. 

Despite their smaller size, these blades still have punch: they were designed with a dense face for optimal impact. 

The LH CB-801 and the LH TB-901 for left-handed players seeking playability and forgiveness.

The LH CB-801 features the Y-grind hand-forged and created by Katsuhiro Miura, with appropriate refinements for head weight, density, and balance of the club. While previously the Y-grind forged club was not available to left handed players, this iron achieves the right bounce and lie to give a playability and forgiveness equal to the esteemed Y-grind for right handed players. 

The LH TB-901 features the same Y-grind with a change in toe profile that more easily allows the player to align the club with the ball.

Determine which iron is right for you by visiting one of our authorized dealers, who can also guide you through the process of choosing the correct measurements and specifications for your customized, hand-forged club.


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