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Miura Holiday Golf Gifts Under $100

Miura fans know we're all about offering quality gear at prices that won't break the bank. While our golf clubs might stretch beyond your under $100 budget, fear not –...

Miura fans know we're all about offering quality gear at prices that won't break the bank. While our golf clubs might stretch beyond your under $100 budget, fear not – we've got some fantastic alternatives that won't disappoint.

Miura Bucket Hat

The Miura Bucket Hat is the perfect way to protect your head from the sun all year long. With a Ripstop Nylon fabric and SPF 50 Sun Protection, the Miura Bucket hat looks great, feels great, and falls in the under $100 category for your shopping this year.

Tour Towel

Introducing the recently launched Miura Tour Towel, now offered in a timeless selection of Black or White. This sophisticated towel showcases a ribbed pattern, measuring 22" x 44" for optimal absorption. Crafted from a plush terrycloth blend of 86% Cotton and 14% Polyester, it ensures a luxurious and efficient user experience.

Designed for convenience, this towel is easily maintainable through machine washing. For the initial wash, it is recommended to launder it separately. Elevate your golfing experience with the enduring elegance of Black or the timeless allure of White, courtesy of the Caddy Preferred towel.

Miura Rope Hats

Samurai Rope Hat Black 

Presenting two distinctive rope hat options: the Modern Script and Samurai styles. The Modern Script Hat is a versatile choice suitable both on and off the course. It showcases our Modern Script logo and provides 50 SPF protection, ensuring you stay shielded from harmful UV rays during your golf sessions. Engineered for durability and breathability, the adjustable rope feature ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. Elevate your on-course style with this refined hat, offering the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

On the other hand, the Samurai Rope Hat serves as a unique canvas to narrate the rich history of Miura. Uniting Samurai Swords and the iconic Miura M logo, it creates a distinctive hat that may become your next favorite. Designed to be one size fits all, it's adjustable to cater to individual preferences.

Miura Golf Glove

Miura Golf Glove

Available in six sizes ranging from small to XXL, the Miura Golf Glove by North Coast Golf Company is a high-quality Cabretta leather golf glove. This glove seamlessly conforms to the contours of your hand, providing an impeccable fit with a premium feel and outstanding performance. Furthermore, the lightweight and breathable material ensures year-round functionality and peak performance.

Blade Divot Tool

Highlighted as one of our standout accessories in 2023, the Blade Divot Tool embodies the close connection between the Miura forging process and the art of crafting Samurai swords. This distinctive tool not only stands out as a unique product but also serves as a tangible expression of your support for and belief in the rich heritage and tradition of the Miura brand.


The Miura brand continues to captivate golf enthusiasts with a commitment to excellence that extends beyond the realm of premium golf clubs. Our diverse range of accessories, from the versatile Miura Bucket Hat and sophisticated Tour Towel to the stylish Miura Rope Hats and high-quality Miura Golf Glove, embodies the perfect fusion of fashion, functionality, and the rich heritage of the Miura tradition. As we look ahead to the future, the standout Blade Divot Tool serves as a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the intricate art of forging Miura clubs and Samurai swords alike. Whether on or off the course, these accessories not only enhance your golfing experience but also reflect your unwavering support for the enduring legacy of the Miura brand. Elevate your style, performance, and connection to tradition with Miura accessories


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