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How Many Types of Golf Clubs Does Miura Golf Make?

Miura is highly regarded for its attention to detail in the forging process. Because no two players are quite alike, we believe that no two golf clubs should be, either....

Miura is highly regarded for its attention to detail in the forging process. Because no two players are quite alike, we believe that no two golf clubs should be, either. Our founder, Katsuhiro Miura-san, founded Miura on the principles of innovation and pushing the limits on what a golf club can be and can do. 

An Overview of Miura Irons

  1. Miura’s MB-101 was made for playability, especially for beginners. This iron provides a heightened level of feedback so that the player can feel the differences in their swing. To aid in this feedback, the MB-101’s design boasts increased face thickness. 

  1. The CB-301 is the longest full-forged cavity back from Miura. Accordingly, it has a profound sense of strength and kick to it. It’s also awarded with control because of its cavity thickness.

  1. The MC-501 is a blade, but have no fear. This blade is one of the most player-friendly blades on the market, thanks to the fact it was forged for ultimate forgiveness and with a wider sole design. This provides for stability, and makes for an iron that both beginners and advanced players enjoy. 

  1. Miura Baby Blades are small yet mighty! 15% smaller than a typical iron, to be clear. Players find these irons to be extra fun. Don’t underestimate their size, though. These still deliver impact thanks to their dense face! 

  1. The TC-201 offers two features you usually don’t see together in an iron: performance and forgiveness. This is due to the progressive weighting design in the forging process. The end result? The performance and impact of a muscle back, with the stability that beginners crave.

  1. The LH CB-801 is essentially a Y-grind, but for left-handed players. This design was proprietarily created by Katsuhiro Miura, and was created for bounce, playability, and forgiveness.

  1. The LH TB-901 is also a Y-grind, but it’s forging provides for greater ease in aligning the club with the ball due to a change in the toe profile.

  1. The IC-601 stands for “inner cavity,” referring to its large ‘sweet spot.’ This helps golfers more easily align the iron head with the ball, and is also a strong choice for speed and distance. 

An Overview of Miura Wedges

  1. The K-Grind Wedge 2.0 features what we call “knuckles” or “flutes” along its side, which work to reduce twisting and contribute to an overall sense of control and stability. Additionally, the 2.0 has a modern sole design, with a milled face and groove.

  1. The Milled Tour Wedge was created specifically for accuracy. It was forged to prevent or decrease the chances of backspin or sidespin, and is described as softer than the other wedges. 

  1. Wedge Series is a top contender as a distance wedge, with extra playability. In short, this is a wedge created for the joy of playing, which we can get behind.

  1. The LH Wedge is for our left-handed players. This wedge design is reminiscent of some of the older models, but features a sleeker, “younger” design. The result? Increased accuracy and distance.

Determine which Miura golf club is best for you and your game by visiting one of our authorized dealers near you.


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