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How Feedback From The Miura MC-501 Influenced the New MC-502

The Miura way focuses on a constant pursuit of perfection in golf clubs. Whether or not the perfect golf club will ever exist is still up for debate, but it...

The Miura way focuses on a constant pursuit of perfection in golf clubs. Whether or not the perfect golf club will ever exist is still up for debate, but it will never slow down the Miura mission. The MC-502 irons had quite a few similarities to the MC-501. We feel it's important to showcase these findings and developments with Miura golfers. Sometimes knowing and understanding what went into the creation of the iron in your golf bag only makes it more inspiring to go low on the course.


What Does The Modern Golfer Look For In A Blade?

Asking a golfer 20 years ago what they expected from a blade and asking a golfer today will likely yield two very different answers. The golfer from 20 years ago may tell you that the blade has to feel good and look pure.
However, the modern golfer knows that technology has improved, and blade irons can be long-distance irons with a bit of forgiveness built in.
Golfers never thought about forgiveness in a blade until the Miura MC-501 came along.


What The Miura MC-501 Brought to The Market

The Miura MC-501 irons have weight strategically positioned in the back of the club head. This weight distribution makes it easier for players to get high-lofted golf shots, plenty of distance, and a little more forgiveness when necessary.
Even great players miss the center of the clubface from time to time. With a club like the MC-501, these golfers got a little more help without sacrificing the feel or consistency they needed.
Forgiveness in a muscle back iron is possible; Miura has proved it. However, there was work to be done.


Changes Made To The Miura MC-502

Where the Miura MC-501 showed us that forgiveness was available in a muscle back, Shinei Miura knew that more could be done. At Miura, we value both technical results and the word of our customers and consumers.
The Miura MC-502 shares the DNA of the MC-501, but there are changes.
To start, the MC-502 has a few subtle design changes that appeal to the discerning needs of better players.
In addition, the increased face progression, with less offset, creates a more rounded top line and toe profile. All of this combined gives the iron a look that feels more workable.
Golfers can stand at the address with a perfectly aligned clubface and confidence in their ability to launch the ball. Turf interaction with the leading edge Y grind has improved, and players are noticing an enhanced ability to be precise about each swing with the new MC-502 irons.

Final Thoughts

A Miura iron will not come to market unless there is room for improvement and upgrades in the original model. The MC-501 taught us that forgiveness is possible in a muscle back iron, but the MC-502 takes things to the next level. If you are a player with a discerning eye but enjoy just a bit of forgiveness, the MC-502 is likely a smart Miura golf iron to try.


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