What Types of Clubs Does Miura Make?

Some golf manufacturers make every golf club and accessory on the market. Other manufacturers will make one single product. However, companies like Miura will fall somewhere in the middle. Miura clubs cannot fill your entire bag, but they can take up a large percentage of it. Let’s take a look at the types of clubs that Miura manufacturers and which ones you may want to think about putting in your golf bag.

What Types of Clubs Does Miura Make?

Miura makes irons, wedges and putters. By focusing the efforts to the clubs that will help golfers with scoring and precision, Miura has been able to make a strong name for themselves in the market. Here is a brief overview of the golf clubs that Miura makes.


Golf irons from Miura were once considered to be blade irons that would benefit the lowest handicap golfers in the game. However, at this point, golfers of all abilities can play with Miura golf irons.

Introducing irons such as the KM-700, a versatile club that can benefit everyone from a low handicap to a high handicap, has certainly been an added benefit to the Miura line.

As Miura notices other opportunities for golfers, it will continue to grow its product line.

Forged Wedges

Miura golf clubs have some of the best feel in the game, and where is feel more important than around the greens? Finding the right wedges for your golf game means that you have a club in your hand that you can feel confident with and will respond to you from a spin perspective.

Getting the ball to quickly stop on a green takes impressive groove technology and a close attention to detail. With the K-Grind, Milled Tour Wedge, and the Tour Wedge High Bounce, you can put together a set of wedges that compliments your game and the courses you play.


The Miura putter line has always been a bit limited, but the KM1 and KM2 offer some tremendous options for the golfer that likes a blade style putter. Blade putters help players with feel and control and make it considerably easier to get a ball in the hole.

If you have been looking for that missing link to tie your entire game together, it could be the KM1 or KM2 putter. Many people are introduced to the Miura brand through this putter selection and then continue to expand from this point on.


We hope you can see that even though Miura does not offer a full line of golf products, the essentials of the irons, wedges, and putter are there for any interested golfer. Once you have your Miura irons in place and custom-fitted to your game, think about expanding into the wedges and the putter. In the end, these are the clubs where precision and feel matter the most. It certainly makes sense to choose products from a company that is the leader in feel and precision.

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