Are Any Miura Irons Forgiving?

When golfers think of Miura irons, the first things that come to mind are premium feel, precision, and unmatched quality. Forgiving is not typically a feature that golfers will use to describe a Miura golf iron. However, it should be. The Miura line of golf irons has continued to grow through the years, and there is truly an option for every single player.

Forgiving Miura Irons

For the golfers that are set on a pure player's blade, the forgiveness is not going to be there. Golfers that like a clean blade-style club are looking for ultimate feedback on the shots they hit.

This means that when they miss the center, they want feel it and to be aware of it. However, at Miura, we fully recognize that this is not the case for all players. Here are a few Miura golf irons to consider if you want the feel and precision, but not necessarily the lack of forgiveness.

Miura PI-401

The Miura PI-401 is a club that will work for any skill level. The premium face is made with S35C Carbon Steel, and this club also features an 8620 Soft Steel body. The PI 401 is considered to be more of a game improvement type golf club, and it shows in the forgiveness you can get with this club.

Miura KM-700

The KM-700 golf irons are the newest release from Miura, and they have proven to be one of the irons that truly brings together both forgiveness and feel. The larger sweet spot and the toe cut grind make the club considerably easier to hit. The club head is designed specifically to bring the face back to square at impact. If you are not quite ready for blades but want something with a mix of capabilities, the KM 700 is the way to go.

Miura MC-501

The Miura MC-501 is a muscle cavity golf iron. This club was designed to combine the forgiveness of a cavity back iron with the feel and playability of a blade. If you want to be able to work the ball but have moments when you miss the center of the face, the MC 501 is one of the best options on the market.

Is forgiveness important in golf irons?

The truth is that even the blade irons have a bit of forgiveness. All golf irons need some forgiveness, but as golfers, we base the level of forgiveness a club has off of the blade style. The cavity back irons tend to have the most forgiving club face and the highest launch.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can find a Miura golf iron that meets the needs of your golf game. Miura irons are more forgiving than they ever were, and they offer players a tremendous amount of versatility. If you are still not sure which Miura iron is for you, use the convenient iron selector tool on the Miura website.

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