Miura TC-201: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Miura is renowned for its blade or muscle back type golf irons, setting the standard for feel and performance in the golfing world. However, the brand is evolving, broadening its product range to cater to golfers of all skill levels and preferences. One notable addition to their lineup is the TC-201, a player's iron offering a compelling alternative to the classic MB-101. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of the Miura TC-201.

Features and Benefits:

Progressive Weighting:

The TC-201 integrates progressive weighting into the sole of the club, effectively lowering the center of gravity, particularly in the longer irons. This innovation addresses a common concern among golfers transitioning to blades, providing added assistance precisely where it’s needed most.

Trajectory Control:

The progressive weighting design empowers golfers to command ball flight, particularly in the shorter irons. Offering a feel akin to muscle back blades, the TC-201 enables golfers to maintain a controlled shot height, enhancing precision on the course.

Material & Feel:

Crafted from premium soft carbon steel, Miura TC-201 irons deliver a pure feel upon striking the center of the club head, reminiscent of traditional blade irons. Even on off-center hits, golfers experience a blend of feedback and forgiveness, with consistent spin rates ensuring reliable performance. The TC-201's forgiveness can occasionally translate into slightly longer distances compared to the MB-101.

Who Should Play The Miura TC-201?

The Miura TC-201 bridges the gap between muscle back and cavity back irons, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking the best of both worlds. If you're uncertain about transitioning to blade irons but find cavity backs lacking in control, the TC-201 provides a compelling solution.

The TC-201 resonates most with mid to low handicap players who prioritize feel, workability, and feedback in their irons. This feedback loop is integral to player improvement, making the TC-201 a valuable asset on the journey to mastering the game.

Miura’s commitment to customization ensures that shaft selection and custom fitting options are readily available, catering to the unique needs and preferences of individual golfers.


In essence, the Miura TC-201 offers mid to low handicap players the performance they demand without compromising on distance or forgiveness. Whether you seek the legendary Miura experience without the demands of blade irons or crave a versatile club that balances tradition with innovation, the TC-201 is the perfect fit for your game.

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