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What Inspires Miura To Create A New Iron

Miura does not release a new product for the sake of releasing a product. Each category of irons, in our opinion, does not need to be updated yearly. This has...

Miura does not release a new product for the sake of releasing a product. Each category of irons, in our opinion, does not need to be updated yearly. This has been the Miura way from the very beginning. However, it raises questions from customers and supporters of Miura about what inspires Miura to create a new golf iron. Keep reading if you are interested in a little insight into the Miura brand and what makes it different.

Foundational Idea Ahead of Every Product

When the golf industry chases trends, the Miura motto has always been to stay on track. Not being influenced by the flavor of the day has certainly allowed Miura to expand on the key fundamentals of pure feel, sound, looks, and precision in the irons, wedges, and putters we create.

Products are not brought to market simply to try a new AI design or to increase tungsten in the clubhead because everyone else is. Miura irons are created when we have a solid foundation and plan as to what we are going to create next.

These foundational ideas come from product testing, experimentation, and, most importantly, player feedback.

Perform First - Sell Second

Miura golf irons are designed to perform and then sell. Performance and sales should work hand in hand, but it’s not the way that things always go in the golf business.

Performance is proven before the Miura golf irons leave the doors of the manufacturing plant. However, the performance is only reinforced when it is in the hands of the golfers.

In the example of the recent upgrade of the MC-502, we learned from the MC-501 that forgiveness was possible in a muscle back. With the MC-502, we were inspired to keep that performance in place while making slight modifications to appeal to the eye of the better player.

Can The Existing Model Be Improved

Some Miura models are simply not ready for improvement. If you look at some of the best-selling irons across the game (outside of the Miura brand), there are yearly upgrades that may or may not make sense.

Current models that are performing well are left alone.

The rest of the golf world should follow suit. However, this is often why many companies come back to the market with the “original” or the “classic.” The truth is, they created a great concept to begin with, and moved on from it before it had finished proving itself.

Final Thoughts

The Miura product line continues to expand. We are not stagnant in our growth tactics, and the constant pursuit of perfection will never end for the Miura family. However, certain things cannot be changed or adjusted within the Miura model. One of those is unnecessarily pushing products to market. This is not a principle we believe in or one that truly benefits a golfer. Finding the right Miura golf clubs for your game will leave you with a club that is built to last and one that was created for all the right reasons.


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