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How Often Does Miura Release New Golf Clubs?

Certain months of the year are known to be release time for new golf clubs. You may see some companies let a club or two out in the fall and...

Certain months of the year are known to be release time for new golf clubs. You may see some companies let a club or two out in the fall and then the majority of equipment around the beginning of the year. The big manufacturers that mass produce golf clubs all follow this same schedule to help ensure that they can compete with each other, and players have all new golf club options to try and the start of the year. IF you have ever wondered what schedule Miura follows when releasing new golf clubs, we will fill you in on all the details.

How Often Does Miura Release New Golf Clubs?

Miura does not follow a specific schedule when releasing new golf clubs to the market. If Miura feels as though there is a strong development in technology or a gap in the product line, a new product will be released. We can sometimes see this every year or every other year; there is no set schedule.

There are a few factors that influence how often Miura releases new golf clubs, and understanding these could help you feel like you have a better handle on the Miura products and why they are so special.

Not Mass Produced

The Miura irons are not mass produced, and some are even made mostly by hand in the Miura factory in Japan. This process of forging, grinding, polishing, and stamping that Miura goes through is unlike any other brand in the industry.

The fact that these golf irons are not mass-produced will significantly slow down production and capabilities when it comes to releasing a new option to the market. Miura has big decisions to make when releasing a new club to ensure they can accommodate the work involved.

Technology Advancements

Miura is one of those brands that do not prefer to push clubs out if the technology has not advanced. If Miura-san or anyone in the Miura family decides they have a new concept that was missing in the Miura lineup, it will be looked at as advancement and make sense to bring the club to market.

We saw this with the KM-700; it is a golf iron that will appeal to a large majority of players because of its impressive mix of feel and performance. This is a unique option from Miura.

Focused On Product Development

Miura is focused on growing and improving its own product line, as opposed to competing with other companies. TaylorMade and Callaway almost have no choice but to compete with each other. Miura, on the other hand, is a unique manufacturer that is in constant pursuit of perfection. Miura strives to develop perfect golf clubs, regardless of what other companies are doing.


Hopefully, now you can see why Miura releases new golf irons to the market a little less frequently than other brands. The Miura golf irons can help players of all abilities to advance their game and experience an impressive feel on the golf course. The next time you see that Miura has a new golf iron released, pay close attention to this new development.


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