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How Feedback From The Miura CB-301 and PI-401 Influenced the new CB-302

At Miura, we are proud of our design process, manufacturing, and development. As a golfer and Miura customer, it only feels right to give you some insight into how our...

At Miura, we are proud of our design process, manufacturing, and development. As a golfer and Miura customer, it only feels right to give you some insight into how our ideas for our golf irons are developed and how we progressed towards this new CB-302 model in our lineup. Take an inside look at how feedback from the CB-301 and PI-401 irons ultimately led to the release of the Miura CB-302.


Miura CB-302 Irons

Miura CB-302 irons are the newest release to the Miura line of golf irons. If you know anything about Miura golf irons, you know that a new option will not come to the market unless there has been a change in technology or some kind of breakthrough in the design.

With the CB-302, the sole width was where we felt an improvement could be made that would impact golfers in a positive way. Turf conditions are not consistent from one course to another. Although we can’t help that, we can certainly help how the irons respond when they impact the turf.


Sole Width

The PI-401 irons have the largest sole width of any Miura iron. The extra width in the sole helps to increase forgiveness, and for most golfers, it will create a higher launch angle as well. However, the PI-401 is not a fully forged iron.

To make the CB-302 fully forged and have it achieve a similar width in the sole, we had to make a few compromises. Ultimately, we created the widest sole of any fully forged soft carbon iron in the CB-302.

The sole is 19mm on the 7 iron, giving golfers the forgiveness they need, improved turf interaction, and not sacrificing any of the feel.


Influence from MB 101

The influence of the CB-301 on the CB-302 is obvious in the iron shaping and overall design. However, the MB-101 was also considered when creating the CB-302. The MB-101 is a pure muscle back iron built for low-handicap players.

One of the key benefits of this iron is a penetrating ball flight. With more forgiving irons, this penetrating ball flight is often lost. However, Shinei Miura wanted to ensure the ball flight stayed workable and penetrating even with the wider sole.
That’s exactly what you get with the Miura CB-302.


Forgiveness With Control

Although the Miura forging process is the best in the industry, there are limits regarding the weight and shape of the head in a fully forged iron. Weight in the clubhead of the CB-302 had to be manipulated slightly to make the sole wider and still create consistent contact and forgiveness for players.

One of the trends we have seen in the golf world is a push toward more forgiveness. Although forgiveness is important and available throughout the Miura line, the feel and precision help golfers fall in love with a club.

If you don’t play every one of your shots from the center of the fairway, the Miura CB-302 has enough of an influence from the CB-301 and PI-401 to help you feel comfortable standing over the ball.


Final Thoughts

At Miura, we value technology and advancement, but feedback from real golfers and the players that use Miura irons is of the utmost importance. Using this information, we can offer solutions to the market that the world of golf has not yet seen. The Miura CB-302 creates a new standard in the mid-sized iron head.


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