Ironclad Irons for Your Best Swing

Miura has long been revered for our irons: a privilege and honor that we don’t take lightly. When tasked with a product that will go for both force and distance, quality is paramount.

Whether you’re new to Miura or simply looking to expand the selection of irons in your golf bag, here is a list of our right-handed iron product selections for your game. 
Each iron was hand-forged in our home factory in Himeji, Japan and features it’s own unique qualities. They were each created as iterations to previous models in our never-ending quest to forge the perfect irons for impact, distance, playability, and control.

Miura’s MB-101 is our newest addition to the iron product selection, continuing the legacy of Miura. A remodeled MB-001, the MB-101 features an enhanced sole designed for a swift glide through the turf on a swing and an increased face thickness for optimized feedback.

The MC-501 is our most-player friendly blade. Blades are infamously intimidating and therefore primarily used by more advanced players, but the MC-501 incorporates the playability of a blade with the forgiveness of a cavity-back.

Featuring progressive weighting in the sole, the TC-201 combines the forgiveness of a cavity back with the performance of a muscle back. Designed to help you nail the center shots every time, the sole has been designed with weight towards both the heel and toe. The TC-201 will be available in early 2020.

The CB-301 is the longest full forged cavity back iron ever produced by Miura. The CB-301 goes for control. Created for greater forgiveness and distance, this iron was created for players of all backgrounds and experience levels. It boasts a cavity thickness to support the center of gravity. However, the playability of the iron isn’t lost despite this extra stability.

The “IC” in the IC-601 name stands for “inner cavity”: a design that dates back to earlier Miura irons, such as the IC-2003. Originally quite popular, the IC-601 is a refined version of the IC-2003 that has refined ball speed and performance. The inner cavity design gives golfers more confidence because it’s essentially a large sweet spot, increasing the chances of hitting the ball for distance and speed on the first try.

Test out which iron is right for your game by visiting an authorized Miura dealer near you.

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