What’s the Right Miura Golf Wedge for My Game?

Each Miura wedge is hand-forged with attention to detail in the Miura factory in Himeji, Japan according to each order’s customizations and specifications. Available for order online or through an authorized dealer, players can choose a loft that works best for them. 

Currently, Miura has four wedge options to choose from and determining the right Miura Golf wedge for your game depends on the stability, impact, and playability that you’re looking for. 

The Miura Wedges

  1. The Miura K-Grind Wedge 2.0

Choose for: Stability. 

The K-Grind Wedge is a preferred choice for spin on intermediate and full shots. The design features a series of “knuckles” or “flutes” along its side to aid in performance, and work alongside the club’s square face to provide stability through the reduction of twisting. Players like the K-Grind’s stable feel because it permits a level of control that can maximize the impact of the swing. 

The 2.0 is fairly new and introduces an added modern sole design, and is optimized for more spin thanks to its milled face and grooves. Overall, the club was made to feel and look in alignment with the Miura trademark and signature quality, like the 1957 original K-Grind design. It is available in 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degree angles.

  1. The Milled Tour Wedge

Choose for: Accuracy.

Most players describe the milled wedge as “soft” to provide the legendary feel that golfers covet, Yet, despite its softness, it’s also regarded for its strike. This wedge is a preferred choice for players looking for precision in their wedge, which is emboldened by the shape of the club’s head. 

Its delicate shaping with CNC milling reduces the potential for backspin or sidespin, creating a pinpoint accuracy in tandem with the traditional, soft feel of a high quality wedge. This wedge is available in two iconic colors: standard silver and or a sleek black.

  1. The Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce

Choose for: Control. 

Every player needs a wedge in their set that they can rely on when it’s time to score. The Miura Tour Wedge High Bounce was created for precision and control rather than distance, and its head matches with any of the Miura iron models. With a similar pinpoint accuracy as the Milled Tour Wedge, this high bounce wedge was crafted with a wider sole to optimize a more effective bounce. 

It was also designed for increased playability and forgiveness due to its added C grind for heel and toe relief and camber for front to back relief. It is available in 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 62 degree angles for loft.

  1. The Miura LH Wedge Series

Choose for: Left dexterity and impact.

For left handed players, the Miura LH Wedge Series boasts the traditional and iconic feel of the older Miura models. Specifically, this “New” series features newly designed bounced angles that makes the wedge a pleasure to use, hand forged for the way players most like to play golf. Primarily, this wedge is optimized for distance control and feel, combining both impact and stability to enhance a swing. 

To view or test out any of these wedges, visit an authorized dealer near you. An authorized dealer will be able to fit you for your specific customizations, and you’ll be able to try out the feel of each wedge to determine with absolution which one is right for your game.


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