Since entering the business in 1992, Yoshitaka Miura has designed and produced equipment that is worthy of carrying the Miura family name. Committed to perfecting the manufacturing process and mastering his craft, Yoshitaka is his father’s son.


After graduating from university, Yoshitaka joins Miura Giken. He immediately assumes the number 2 chair on the grinding line—the spot to the left of his father. From this point on, Yoshitaka dedicates himself to mastering his craft.


Yoshitaka welcomes his younger brother, Shinei, to Miura Giken. Both Miura-san and Yoshitaka realize the long-term success of their family business relies on the Miura kyodai (brothers). During this time, the Miura Giken brand is born.


Yoshitaka takes on more responsibility overseeing the Miura Giken brand and leading the OEM business. Although he becomes the Managing Director, Yoshitaka’s contributions to the company are still visible on the grinding line.

“My focus has been how to make each golf club both beautiful and clean. That has always been my strength.”

Standards2000 – 2002

While managing Miura Giken’s OEM business, Yoshitaka begins producing irons for the top professional players. While Miura-san is aware of the pressure associated with the clients’ high standards and expectations, he knows it will challenge Yoshitaka’s skill. As predicted by his father, Yoshitaka rises to the occasion.

US Open2004

Yoshitaka oversees OEM production for the TaylorMade RAC MB and CB. Using CB irons made by Miura Giken, Retief Goosen wins his second US Open.

General Manager2006

Yoshitaka becomes the General Manager of Miura Giken. Despite his increased responsibilities, he continues to refine his grinding skills.

“In Japan, we have a special saying, Yuiitsu Muni, which means to be one-of-a-kind. For us, our sole goal is to be the best and most unique manufacturer of golf clubs.”


With the kyodai collaborating on design, Yoshitaka and Shinei begin pushing the envelope. The CB-1006 marks the first Miura Giken club head produced without Miura-san’s involvement. Its success allows Miura-san to have confidence that his sons are capable of producing irons worthy of the Miura name.


Miura-san steps down as President and becomes Chairman of Miura Giken. In his first act as Chairman, Miura-san makes a unique and progressive decision to name his second son, Shinei, as President. While the eldest son traditionally assumes the role in Japanese culture, Miura-san recognizes his sons’ strengths and determines Yoshitaka is best suited to oversee the Miura Giken manufacturing process. This decision speaks to the confidence Miura-san has in both of his sons.

New Ideas2011

Exploring new ideas in club design, Yoshitaka and Shinei expand the lineup with the PP-9003, a midsized club head with an offset. By introducing an iron with a wide sole and more forgiveness, golfers of all playing levels are able to experience the quality of Miura Giken irons.

Using the no offset version of the PP-9003, Ryan Moore wins on the PGA Tour. This is the first professional win for the Miura kyodai.


Yoshitaka recognizes the industry is changing and with that, the need for Miura Giken to invest in R & D. Trips to Korea, China, and North America allow Yoshitaka to work with professional golfers, seeing firsthand how agronomy and playing conditions impact design. He embraces the growth of the game in new markets and discovers how Miura Giken designs can enhance the golfing experience around the world.


Yoshitaka is challenged to produce the straightest, longest, and most forgiving iron ever designed by Miura Giken. Combining the trademark soft carbon steel with 455 carpenter steel, Miura Giken introduces the PP-9005 lineup of irons.


The Miura kyodai welcome new investment in Miura Golf and begin planning for the consolidation of Miura into a leading global brand.


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