Hand crafting and grinding irons since 1957, Katsuhiro Miura has brought the world over 10 series of Miura irons. Referred to as the Hands of God, the master craftsman has created one of the most respected brands in the golf industry.



Katsuhiro Miura begins his career with Morita Golf. At Morita, Miura-san learns how golf clubs are manufactured and more importantly, how to grind and adjust irons. His lifelong pursuit to create the perfect club begins here.



Kojima Iron Works Co., Ltd. is the next stop in Miura-san’s journey. During his time at Kojima, he learns the science and technique of processing metals.



After ten years with Kojima, Miura-san joins Kyoei Golf Industry Co., Ltd. Here, he learns about the forging technique and its impact on an iron’s feel and performance. For the next seven years, Miura-san dedicates himself to refining his craft, which fuels his passion to create the best forged irons in the industry.

“My dream is to put the highest quality golf clubs into the hands of golfers around the world.”



In February, Miura-san establishes Miura Giken. Although it is seen as a bold move, Miura-san manages to create strong relationships with other Japanese manufacturers—including Kyoei Golf where Miura Giken establishes its satellite location. By subcontracting for other equipment companies, the factory cements a reputation for quality and reliability which remains intact to this day.



Miura Giken releases the first Miura stamped model. Aptly named the Craftsman’s Spirit, the model is produced in minimal production runs. The factory continues to produce large quantities of equipment on behalf of other companies. This means there is little time to work on producing irons under the Miura brand.



Miura-san discovers he cannot manipulate the grain structure of the club head by using the current techniques. In believing the manufacturing process is fundamentally flawed, he approaches the forging company with a modified plan but his ideas are rejected. Miura-san decides that in order to improve the manufacturing process, Miura Giken needs to take complete control. This would mean reinventing how club heads are made, including designing proprietary machinery. Miura-san’s pursuit for perfection becomes his source for inspiration.

“Japanese philosophy explains that perfection is not a goal that can be attained, but rather a never-ending journey to a goal.”



In January, the forging division is established. News spreads about the club heads being produced by Miura Giken and top equipment companies start reaching out to Miura-san. He makes the decision to produce one model for each OEM company which includes producing clubs for professionals under contract with these companies. The patented Miura forging technique is recognized as a contributing factor to the players’ success.



With increased success, Miura-san decides it is time to introduce an original design bearing the family name. Since regulations in Japan prohibit family names on products, the iconic MG (Miura Giken) logo is established. The Miura family begins selling the club heads to independent golf shops throughout Japan.



In May, the factory moves to its current location in Himeji, Japan. By having the forging and finishing process under one roof, Miura-san is able to oversee all aspects of production. This allows Miura-san to increase OEM production while continuing to expand the Miura Giken lineup.



Many equipment companies move their production outside of Japan in 2002. As a result, OEM production declines and eventually stops in 2003, excluding custom orders. While some see this as a concern, Miura-san sees this as an opportunity for the family to focus on the Miura brand.



While overseeing design and manufacturing under the Miura Giken name, Miura-san begins developing a global model and strategy for the Miura Golf brand. For the next six years Miura-san works tirelessly to build Miura Golf, including travelling to visit dealers and distributors around the world. Although Miura Giken is recognized as a top manufacturer within Japan, the Miura name is still unknown to golfers outside of Japan.



In October, Miura-san retires as President and becomes Chairman of Miura Giken. From then, the company continues to grow under his two sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka’s, leadership. Miura-san still occupies the number one chair on the grinding line and can be found around the Miura Giken factory passing along his infinite knowledge and skill to other craftsmen and employees.

“I expect the Miura tradition will be carried on well into the future.”


2012 & 2016

Golf Digest Japan names Miura-san as the 2012 Clubmaker of the Year. In 2016, he is inducted into the International Clubmakers Guild Hall of Fame.