Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative Irons - Custom

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Nicklaus-Miura Commemorative Irons - Custom
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Miura-san often references his joy when seeing any golfer playing his irons.  “To see one’s designs come to fruition in the form of better shots gives a level of satisfaction that is difficult to describe. The Nicklaus collaboration has enabled the Miura family to achieve another level of pride”

The commitment to strong design sensibility is evident with the Nicklaus / Miura collaboration. Feel and performance, synonymous with Miura, serve as the foundation for this very special set of irons. A sole and leading edge design enables the best ball on face contact. Grinding and finishing subtleties deliver Jack’s preferred look at address. The precise distribution of weight in the clubhead serve to optimize ball flight and performance. Where a materials and a clean look matter, the Miura and Nicklaus brands deliver.

Premium (S20C) Soft Carbon Steel

Satin Chrome