The CB 2008 has evolved out of recent technological advancements in manufacturing. Those advancements enabled the Miura family to integrate a forged face and neck with a SUS composite pocket cavity resulting in a mid sized masterpiece. A low center of gravity delivers shots with a high stable trajectory and a feel and performance which has long been the DNA of Miura forged irons.


Miura Golfs most forgiving cavity back iron the CB-2008 combines performance and function.  The face is Forged from a single billet of soft carbon steel, the mid-sized head inspires confidence while the cavity back design delivers on performance. Technological advancements have enabled the Miura factory to forged and incredibly thin face with a pocket cavity.  The result is an iron that delivers a performance and feel that is first of its kind.

Important in this process was the evolution of the sweet spot power bridge. Found in the 5 thru 8 irons, the unique design allows the pocket cavity model to perform consistently through the set, while not compromising on the renowned Miura feel. The 9 iron and PW are one pieced forged, as the need for maximum forgiveness isn’t as necessary in the precision irons.  The CB 2008 boasts a deeper center of gravity along with the widest sole Miura has ever produced.  This level of forgiveness appeals to golfers of all skill levels.

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5I 6I 7I 8I 9I PW


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