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How Long Does It Take To Make a Miura Golf Iron?

One of the worst parts about getting new golf clubs is waiting for them to come in. When you order new clubs, it's exciting, and you can't help but think...

One of the worst parts about getting new golf clubs is waiting for them to come in. When you order new clubs, it's exciting, and you can't help but think of the way it's going to change your golf game. With Miura irons, we always highly recommend a custom fitting before purchase, and then after this custom fitting, there is a bit of a wait time while your new Miura irons are assembled and checked for perfection. If you have ever wondered what this waiting period will be like, we have all the answers you need.

How Long Does It Take To Get Miura Golf Irons?

It will take about five weeks after you have purchased your Miura irons for them to ship out to you. Of course, there are always exceptions to this where you could wait a bit less or even a bit more. However, the average wait time is about five weeks before you will be playing with your new golf clubs. This may seem a little longer than other manufacturers, but there are reasons behind this.

Why Do Miura Irons Take A Few Weeks To Get?

If you are a fan of Miura products, you know that Miura is in constant pursuit of perfection. The goal is to put out the best golf equipment for players, not just mass-produce golf clubs. Therefore, the Miura production and assembly is set up, the Miura irons go through a more extensive and slightly more intense process than other golf irons on the market. Here are a few of the reasons that Miura irons can take a while to get.

Custom Fitting Requirements

Most Miura golf irons are custom built to meet your game's specific needs. Unlike other golf manufacturers that may sell a product directly off the shelf, the Miura golf irons have some extra details that will increase their production time. In the end, this will be well worth the wait.

Shipping Times

Miura golf irons are produced in Japan at the Miura factory; the time it takes for the product to get to the United States can deal with the overall wait times for your new set of irons.

Quality Control

The quality control from Miura is unlike any other company in the industry. With the family name and business to protect, Miura is very careful about ensuring the products that leave the facility, which are all of the highest quality.


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more educated as to why it takes so long for a Miura iron to finally make it into your hands. Most golfers admit that the Miura irons get to them a bit quicker than they expected; the issue is the anticipation of the new set finally making it into your hands! Overall, equipment like Miura, irons, wedges, and putters that are custom fit to your needs will be unlike any other golf equipment on the market. Waiting a few weeks for a product like this will be well worth your time.


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