Where Can I Find An Authorized Miura Golf Dealer?

If you’re new to Miura Golf and want to experience them first hand, we recommend visiting an authorized Miura dealer. The Miura Golf patented forging process is unmatched, producing premium golf clubs that are in a league of their own. The importance of Miura’s design is twofold: it includes the technical design (determined by factors such as center of gravity, bounce, size, and weight) and transitional design (how the range of clubs in a Miura set fits your needs in the game seamlessly). Admire the hand work closely and experience the exquisite nature of a Miura club by visiting an authorized dealer near you.

All Miura clubs are designed and manufactured in our factory in Himeji, Japan. The process was created by our founder, Katsuhiro Miura, which he has passed down to his sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka. To this day, the three of them work together, manufacturing sleek perfection through the original process. Every club is individually designed and handcrafted for precision. Miura irons are available around the globe. Whether you live in Singapore or Rome, Miami or Beijing, the odds are very good that you’ll find an Authorized Miura dealer nearby. Using the latest in fitting technology, our dealer network will be able to help you choose the Miura iron or wedge which is best suited for your game.  

  1. To find an authorized dealer, refer to the Dealers Map on our website. The map extends to include visual markers of all authorized Miura dealers around the world.
  2. Simply input your city name, state, or zip code to generate results for a dealer close to you.
  3. If there isn’t a dealer nearby, keep an eye on the map for other locations for your upcoming travels. You can easily toggle the map around to see the locations across the globe.
  4. Check back regularly! As new Miura dealers are registered, other locations will become available.
  5. Or, register to become a Miura Dealer on our website for the exclusive opportunity to sell Miura clubs - bringing the clubs to your hometown for other golf players craving enhanced precision on the course.
Visiting an authorized Miura Golf dealer is the ideal way to see the calculated seamlessness and perfection of a Miura club up close. We know that the precision that the game requires calls for a club with a design to match - to accelerate speed, impact, and an unforgettable experience for your favorite sport, swing after swing. The Miura family has not only forged a new frontier of golf club precision in their attention to design and detail, but a legacy. Visit an authorized Miura Golf dealer near you to experience the quality for yourself.

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