Are Miura Irons Durable?

When golfers buy premium irons, they also often confuse them for being delicate. Premium golf irons are those that have undergone some additional engineering, are constructed with high quality materials, and were performed as they are advertised. Miura accomplishes all of these things with their golf irons, which will not decrease durability in any way. Miura irons are built to last, and they are built to hold up to the players that want to speed hours at a time on the range. Here are a few things that set these Miura irons apart.

Club Head Design

The Miura golf iron heads are carefully designed using decades of research and performance testing as well as feedback from customers. Miura wants all of the weight tolerances to be within +/- .5 grams, a much tighter tolerance than other golf manufacturers and industry standards. The result is a club head that takes quite a bit of time to make, but the performance pays off. Miura club head designs are continually evolving to create the best products on the market for golfers.

Creating A Full Set of Clubs

When you purchase Miura irons, you are buying a series of tools to use to improve your game and enjoy playing golf. Although each iron is carefully constructed. Miura looks at the set of irons you choose as a whole and ensures that they will all work together effectively. The transition from one iron to the next should be seamless, and Miura ensures that. This includes durability and precision.

Miura Manufacturing Process

The Miura manufacturing process is unlike any other in the world of golf. If your iron heads can survive three rounds of forgiving and inspections by qualified professionals to test for any imperfection, they will hold up for quite some time. The Miura manufacturing process demands precision and quality, which will lead to long-term durability in your golf clubs.

Miura Customer Service

Miura's customer service is strong. There is something to be said for purchasing a set of golf irons from a smaller company. With fewer customers, Miura can focus on your individual customer needs and address any issues that could come up. Although it is rare for a problem to occur in a newly made Miura golf iron, Miura will gladly look into the issue and create a plan of action or solution. Remember that purchasing a set of Miura irons is entirely different than grabbing a set of stock clubs off the shelf.


As you can see, all of the pieces of the Miura golf iron puzzle lead to high quality and durability. This is without a doubt a premium golf iron made with the finest materials in the game, but it is most certainly built to last. As a golfer, you can rest assured that the technology and functionality will meet and exceed your standards. If you are ready for your first set of Miura golf irons, head to any True Spec location to try them out today.

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