An Introduction to Miura Golf Wedges

Miura boasts golf clubs forged with a tried-and-true manufacturing process — tested over decades — to ensure precision with every swing. To elevate your game, look to one of Miura’s classic wedges. We offer diverse wedge options to suit your needs on the course. Each of these wedges is handmade and intentionally different but fit seamlessly together for your game.

1. The K-Grind Wedge 2.0
The K-Grind Wedge boasts a series of “knuckles” or “flutes” along its side to fine-tune performance. Regarded as our most stable wedge, these knuckles and a square clubface reduce any twisting, providing the player with a sense of control and stability to drive the ball powerfully. The 2.0 introduces a modern sole design, with a milled face and grooves handcrafted for increased spin on all intermediate strokes. The club still retains the signature Miura feel with all the powerful features and is available in 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60-degree angles.

2. The Milled Tour Wedge
Unlike other Miura clubs that are designed for speed, the milled wedge is handcrafted for precision. Its delicate shaping diminishes any backspin or sidespin, so your accuracy is as keen as you intend it to be. The carefully shaped head contributes to precision. This wedge is available in the classic satin chrome or a sleek raw black.

3. Wedge Series 2018
A reimagined twist on the classic wedge, this new wedge series was created with the joy of playing in mind. It’s available in 51, 55, and 59 degrees and is your perfect fit for your short game, granting enhanced autonomy over your first few swings for distance. The distance provided by a swing is controlled at a higher standard, thanks to the precisely crafted leading angle and bounce angle of the club. The wedge series is also available in the raw black color. Choose the degree that’s right for your game by trying out the Miura clubs at an authorized dealer near you.

4. The LH Wedge
Our highly refined LH Wedge is available in 52, 56, and 60 degree angles to optimize the bounce of the ball upon impact. The LH Wedge was born of reimagining our older wedges to provide a more sleek and young design, visually pleasing to the eye. This wedge ensures optimal distance control, with a feel for accuracy. The diversity of our series carries the consistent promise for precision from each handcrafted club. Choose the wedge (or all of them) that’s best for your game by speaking with an authorized dealer to assess your needs and your comfort with each club, or by custom building your own club on our site.

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