What Is Golf Club Forging?

Each of Miura’s state-of-the-art golf clubs are forged in our home factory in Himeji, Japan. Golf club forging refers to the masterful process of crafting soft carbon steel into a club head. Katsuhiro Miura, our founder, created Miura’s proprietary forging process after noticing that the standard forging process of most golf clubs was fundamentally flawed. He sought to change the process, which led to Miura’s world-renowned clubs.

The quality of Miura clubs rests in two elements: the soft carbon steel that is used, and the forging process itself, which prioritizes that the grain of the steel is of the utmost quality. The forging process is still carried forth to this day by Miura-san and his two sons in Himeji, and incorporates a revolutionary technique that has changed ‘luxury’ in the golf club industry forever.

Miura’s Club Forging Process

  1. The soft carbon steel used for each and every Miura club is called S20C, a premium steel. This material is delivered to the factory in various sizes and weights of billets. 

The first step to a successful forging process is determining the proper weight of steel to begin with, and each club model has a different weight.

  1. The ‘first forging’ begins. The steel is heated to 1200 degrees celsius, then is struck to form a flat shape from the steel. 

Miura-san determined how to complete this step of the forging process without a hosel, which allows for the master manipulation of the grain structure. 

  1. Then, the second forging begins within seconds. This is where the steel becomes the club head. 

Immediately after, the club is ‘deburred,’ or set aside to cool, which is paramount to the next step of the process. 

  1. Finally, the club head is reheated one more time - this time, to 800-900 degrees celsius. 

Cooling the club-head then reheating it allows for the shape of the head to be maintained while the grain structure is still able to be manipulated.

The final steps include stamping the club with the Miura logo, numbers, and scoring lines, and then pressing. 

Each of these steps requires an accurate eye of a Miura craftsman and plenty of patience. And yet, the patience is so worth it, for the finest forged golf club available. This process was created and fine-tuned by Miura-san’s labor of love, and despite how Miura has grown and scaled as an internationally-recognized brand, each club handcrafted in the Himeji factory is given the same patience and attention to the detail as the very first club ever forged.

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