Miura Financing Options

Many golfers that shop the Miura golf clubs and accessories are interested in some sort of financing option. With the longevity and precision of Miura irons, they are a purchase that will last you for quite some time. Therefore having a little help to pay for the initial cost of the irons is quite important. At Miura, our financing option is through Shop Pay which is a partner with affirm.

How Does Shop Pay Financing Work For Miura Golf Irons?

Shop Pay essentially allows you to split your purchase up into installments. Paying in installments is only available for purchases over $50. The Shop Pay option will come up at checkout so that you can pay in full for your purchase or take advantage of this installment plan option. All fees and penalties are explained ahead of time for you to feel confident in your purchase plan.

Shop Pay Fees Or Penalties

One of the great things about the Shop Pay plan is that you will not be penalized should you pay for your golf clubs ahead of time. There is always an option to pay off your irons whenever you are ready.

Standard interest rates will be applied to any of the installment payments. The interest rates are determined by your credit score if you choose the monthly installments. Your credit score is not even researched if you choose the four bi-weekly payments.

Options For Installments

The two options that you get from Shop Pay include a standard choice for 4 bi-weekly payments equalling the total of your Miura order. The other option is to break the payments into monthly payments.

The monthly payment option is a bit more involved and does require a credit check. In addition, your shipping address does need to be in the United States to be eligible for this payment plan. There are choices for 12, 18, and 24-month payment plans for those who get through the application process with ease.


The approval for your Miura iron or putter financing will be instant. This process will not cause any delay in the production or shipping of your products. Your products will ship to your home before your loan is paid off, even with the 4 installment payment plan.


If credit scores or a flag on your account cause you to be denied for Miura financing, then you will get an email from Affirm. This email will give a better explanation as to why you were denied and what you can do about it.

Even if you were denied the first time, you might still be eligible at a later date.


At Miura, we understand our golf irons are premium. Not all golfers can afford for the full price of Miura irons in one shot, but with the help of Shop Pay, that is not a concern. For those with questions about the Shop Pay process, you can speak with a Shop Pay representative who can explain in more detail.

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