Where to Find Miura Putter Reviews

Miura Golf putters are widely regarded as top performers for stability and accuracy.

Choosing a putter one loves is important for a golfer: it must have the ideal weight and feedback to ensure the putter feels in control of their putt and confident in its accuracy.

Here are some of our favorite Miura putter reviews from a myriad of sources. They cover our three putter varieties: the KM-009, KM-007, and the left-handed KM-006.

The KM-009
Created for controlled distance and skid reduction, the KM-009 has remained a beloved staple of the Miura collection.

In the
Putter Buzz section of My Golfspy, “Golfspy Dave” shares his honest review of the KM-009, comparing it to other putters from other brands. He was delighted with the tightness of the milling, calling it “pretty darn spectacular.” He also commends the overall feedback, noting that one can “definitely pick up the differences when the ball hits various parts of the face.” This is one of our favorite features of the KM-009, too - it has differing levels of impact across the face, depending on what is needed from putt to putt.

The KM-007
The KM-007 was originally created in fulfillment of founder Katsuhiro Miura’s desire to develop a putter for mallet players.

In the
Independent Golf Review, the author deems the KM-007 the “James Bond of putters,” specifically celebrating it as “one of the simplest, yet classiest putters you can buy.” He particularly liked it with the Salty cork grip on it, and shared that with the KM-007 in the bag, he had his best putting round of the season.

More Golf Today’s Jason Tenzer noted that the heavier feel “glides the putter through the ball with ease.” It weighs 360 grams, and Tenzer lauded how it “creates the illusion of weight which makes the pendulum action effortless on your follow through.” He remarked that on a whole, the KM-007 “gives you confidence.”

The KM-006
The KM-006 possesses the same power and stability of the other putters, but was specifically created and forged for left-handed golfers. As such, it has a few subtle differences tailored to left-handed golfers.

Josh from the
Golf is Mental blog reviewed the KM-006 and called it “one of the best feeling putters [he has] ever tried.” Similar to Jason Tenzer’s remark that the KM-007 made him feel more confident, Josh also noted that the KM-006 “instilled [him] with that confidence.” He lauded the KM-006’s stroke, calling it “free and smooth.”

All three putters are available in Black Boron or White Chrome, and can be ordered online at Miura.com or tested at a nearby authorized dealer.

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