Miura MB 101 Irons: Overview, Features, Benefits

Miura blades are the flagship iron for the Miura family and Miura brand. Blade golf irons take extreme levels of precision and attention to produce. The irons are made for the most demanding players that require precision and ultimate feel and feedback. The newest Miura blade is the MB-101. This release follows the MB 001, and there are refinements to the sole width and the face thickness. If you think that the Miura MB-101 could be the iron you need in your bag this year, let’s look at the features, benefits, and who should be using these irons.

Features and Benefits of Miura MB-101 Irons

A blade iron is nothing new for Miura; the MB 101 is simply the next in a long line of beautifully handcrafted blade-style irons from the Miura brand. The MB 101 irons bring back some of the characteristics of the early Miura models while improving on things like feel and feedback.

Clean Top Line

The look and the feel of the Miura MB-101 irons are why many golfers will switch to this club. With the Miura MB-101 irons, players can expect a very thin top-down look and a clean address position. There is no offset, and the player's confidence to work the ball and get a clean hit is strong.

Wider Sole Width

With blade irons, we typically see a very thin sole width. The Miura MB-101 irons still have a narrow sole; it is just slightly wider than the MB-001. This wider sole width can help players that dig just a bit too much in their swing.

Impeccable Feel

The Miura forging process is unlike any other manufacturer in the game. The irons are made with Premium S20C Soft Carbon Steel, and they are made in the Japanese facility under very tight guidelines. All golfers can rest assured that the Miura golf iron that makes it into their hands will have an incredible feel, especially when the center of the clubface is hit.

Unmatched Feedback

One of the improvements to the Miura MB-101 irons is improved feedback. Better players want more feedback, and Miura is happy to provide it. The Miura MB 101 irons will reward you if you hit a great shot, and they will let you know if you didn’t. MIssing the center of the face on the Miura MB-101 blade will not be something you want to repeat.

Who Should Play Miura MB-101 Irons?

The Miura MB-101 irons are built for the lowest handicap golfers. If you are not a single-digit handicap that can consistently hit the center of the clubface, this is not the Miura iron for you. Miura has an entire lineup of golf clubs that can fit a wide range of players.

However, with the Miura MB-101, you must be a golfer that appreciates pure ball-striking, needs to work the ball and wants the feedback that Miura can give when a ball misses the center of the clubface. Golfers in this category demand a certain level of performance that only Miura can provide.

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