Can You Play A Mixed Set of Miura Irons?

A combo set of irons can be a perfect solution for those that feel caught between blade and cavity back irons or high and low handicaps. There are several reasons to play a mixed set of irons and a few key tips to make sure you choose the correct sets of golf irons to combine. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about playing a mixed set of Miura irons.

What Are The Benefits of A Mixed Set of Irons?

A mixed set of irons can help players who need a little more forgiveness in the long irons. Blade irons like the MB-101 are beautiful and precise, but they don’t leave much room for error in the 5, 4, and 3 irons.

For golfers that want the blade iron feel and precision in the short irons, the MB-101 is the perfect fit. So the solution is to combine a slightly more forgiving golf iron like the TC-201 with the MB-101 to create a set of irons that fits the exact needs of a player.

The benefits include greater precision, accuracy, and confidence in the golfer.

How To Combine Miura Irons

With each set of Miura golf irons being custom-made for your specific needs, it is incredibly easy to combine a set of Miura irons. We always recommend a fitting to ensure you are choosing the two best golf irons for your needs.

Two Similar Irons

It’s best to choose two similar irons like, the MB-101 and the TC-201. Pairing the PI-401 with the MB-101 is a bit of a stretch and can create some loft gaps in the set that are difficult to recover from. Choose two golf irons that have some similarities to help with consistency in the set.

Find The Turning Point

What is the turning point in the set where you really need that forgiveness? For some golfers, it is after the 6 iron; for others, it will be after the 5 iron. Determining which point to switch will also help with accuracy throughout the middle irons.

Consistency Across The Set

It’s highly recommended to keep the same specifications throughout the entire set. So, therefore, the golf shaft and grip should also be custom fitted to work with each set of irons you choose. Even if there are changes in the club head due to the mixed set, the feel and weighting, lie angle, and length of each club should ensure that the set blends together perfectly.

Final Thoughts

The mixed set of Miura irons is becoming increasingly popular. With the golf clubs having such a pure feel and impressive overall performance, it’s hard to find any reason not to play with a combined set. Always check the loft gapping when creating a combined set, and if you have any questions during your ordering process, simply reach out to Miura, and we can help you put together the perfect combo set of Miura irons.

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