An Introduction to Miura Golf Putters

Though Miura irons and wedges are iconic, our expanded product selection also includes best-in-class putters - necessary in any golfer’s bag. Our putters offer the same attention to detail and performance as any other club under the exclusive Miura brand.

The shape of the KM-009 putter head is made for the precise lineup with your ball and is highly regarded for its feel and performance. This putter is created through the same forging process as our classic wedges with a milled face precisely made to absorb over-exertion, so that distance is always controlled and the threat of skid is reduced. The KM-009 is available in white chrome and black boron.

It was important to our founder, Katsuhiro Miura, to craft a putter for mallet players: one that carried the same regality and look of the iconic wedge, but contributed the sense of stability necessary for a controlled putt. The KM-007 was the original creation of this vision. Every inch of the KM-007 putter head serves a purpose: a powerful putt for optimal direction and speed, bringing your intention for accuracy to fruition. The stunning simplicity of the head, including the signature Miura engravement, creates an aesthetically-pleasing hefty putter created to go the distance. The KM-007 is available in white chrome and black boron.

At Miura, we know that even subtle differences in height and stance can change a golfer’s relationship to the club, which is why we offer custom design clubs. Our KM-006 is created for those who are left-handed, boasting the same attention to accuracy and powerful head as the KM-007, but with subtle differences geared towards the left-handed player. The attractive design includes a tapered hill and a rolled top line, but the design goes above the look alone: the width and depth of the head make squaring with the golf ball easier. The KM 006 is available in satin and black boron. Choose the putter that is best for your game by trying each at an authorized dealer near you. No golfer is the same, and no game is the same. Embrace the beauty of handcrafted design for a game tailored to your vision.

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